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New Requirements Effective Fall 2016 and later.  Students who declared the English major prior to this time are under the old requirements, which are nearly identical to the new requirements. The new requirements require a 200+ English course to fulfill the Anglophone/Ethnic American literature requirement and require new majors to fulfill their electives with  one 200+ English elective, one 300+ English elective and one 400+ English elective.  A limited number of pre-approved courses may be offered as substitutes for 201, 202, 268, and 269 each semester.  See below for the old and new major requirements.

Use the Courses by Requirements page to find courses that meet the requirements listed below.

English Major Requirements

English 200 Intensive Literary Studies Seminar for Intended Majors and Minors

One course in British Literature and Culture before 1700 (221 Shakespeare counts)

Pick two courses from the following three categories:

          1. British Literature and Culture after 1700 

          2. American Literature and Culture before 1865

          3. American Literature and Culture after 1865 

One course in Anglophone or ethnic American literature, culture or rhetorics

For students who declared the major before fall 2016, this can be any level.
For students who declared the major during or after fall 2016, this must be fulfilled with a 200+ level course.

English 300 Junior Year writing (Required for primary majors and dual degree. Waived for 2nd majors.)

One elective – 200 or Higher Level

One or two electives – 300 or Higher Level

Students who declared the major before fall 2016 must take two 300+ English electives.
Students who declared the major in fall 2016 or later must take only one 300+ English elective.

One elective – 400 or Higher Level

Students who declared the major before fall 2016 do not have to take a 400+ English elective. 
Students who declared the major during or after fall 2016 must take at least one 400+ English elective.

Integrative Experience

Required for primary majors only. Waived for 2nd majors and dual degrees.

Find courses that meet the requirements listed above on the Courses by Requirements page.

Important Notes

  • You must earn a C or better in all courses taken toward the major.
  • Two upper-level electives may come from closely related 300- or 400-level courses in other departments with approval from one of the chief advisors in E345 South College
  • If a course meets more than one requirement, a student may count 1 course twice but will then need to take an additional upper level elective for a total of three 300+ elective courses.
  • Second majors in English are not required to complete either junior year writing or the integrative experience.
  • Students pursuing dual degree must fulfill junior year writing in English even if they are listed on Spire as 2nd majors who are waived.
  • The successful completion of the professional writing and technical communications specialization path fulfills the integrative experience requirement.
  • If there is any doubt about the applicability of a particular course in another department, or from another school, check with the chief undergraduate advisors in E345 South College