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Kylie Bane

Kylie Bane '23

"Without my experiences as an English major, I would not be nearly as proficient at collaborating with others."

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Ryan D'Alleva

Ryan D'Alleva '22

Find your niche in the department. There are multiple specializations within the major, and they can be a really great opportunity to explore what you want to do within the major.

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Headshot of Marina Goldman

Marina Goldman '23

"As an English major, you get to do a little bit of everything. You get an amazing depth and breadth of study...There’s a world of opportunity for what English majors can do."

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Headshot of Liza Flandreau

Liza Flandreau '24

"Whether you add a specialization or a minor, there are endless things you can do to get the most out of the English major (and there is so much to get out of it!)."

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Tim Mehrmann headshot

Tim Mehrmann '23

"The English minor is a fantastic way to experience worthwhile literature as well as improve your writing skills. Whatever career you’re thinking about pursuing, writing and communication are vital skills to master."

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Headshot of Aaliyah Quintal

Aaliyah Quintal '21

"From adapting my writing to a new audience, utilizing my editorial and editing skills, and crafting and adapting my storytelling to different topics and tones, my experiences as an English major helped me excel in this internship."

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