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Headshot of Aaliyah Quintal

Aaliyah Quintal '21

"From adapting my writing to a new audience, utilizing my editorial and editing skills, and crafting and adapting my storytelling to different topics and tones, my experiences as an English major helped me excel in this internship."

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Emily Bevacqua standing with Thing 1 and 2 from Dr. Suess

Emily Bevacqua '21

English major Emily Bevacqua describes her internship experience with

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Sabrina Taylor

Sabrina Taylor '20

Sabrina Taylor tells us about her internship at Verité.

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Headshot of Mindy Diaz

Mindy Diaz '20

On why she chose to pursue an English major: "... in fifth grade, I had a teacher who always encouraged me to write, so from that I developed a love of writing, and then I just spiraled out of control."

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Headshot of Claire Wixted

Claire Wixted '19

"I love this major because it is so thought provoking."

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Headshot of Emily Cerri

Emily Cerri '19

"My English major is kind of my saving grace. I love being an English major."

Emily is currently finishing an honors thesis that analyzes the action role-playing video game NIER. Her project looks at gender and sexuality in NIER and uses queer theory to show how the game critiques traditional fairy tales.

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