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Beth Luvisia

Beth Luvisia '20

It was really great to learn English where the roots are, to read the books and experience a different culture. It was an amazing experience.

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Donikah Brutus Headshot

Donikah Brutus '20

"[In the English major], you’re always reading something. English really taught me how to figure out what’s important in any given reading."

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Headshot of Samantha Mahan

Samantha Mahan '21

"Be flexible. I thought I would end up in a totally different job. Even if you have to totally switch gears for whatever reason, it will all turn out okay."

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Tess Halpern headshot

Tess Halpern '19

"An English major is one of the single best majors you could come into law school with. The skills I learned help me all the time."

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Sarah Graham

Sarah Graham '21

"My English education has helped me refine my written and communication skills, as well as my research and critical thinking practices. I’ve also come into contact with amazing professors and faculty in the department who are really passionate about helping their students succeed."

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Headshot of Catherine Elliot Tisdale

Catherine Elliott Tisdale Ph.D. '21

"What we do as graduate students applies to a vast array of professional fields if you know how to distill your existing skill sets... If you are teaching, writing, and working towards your Ph.D., then you are developing these skills."

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