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Kylie Bane

Kylie Bane '23

"Without my experiences as an English major, I would not be nearly as proficient at collaborating with others."

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Beth Luvisia

Beth Luvisia '20

It was really great to learn English where the roots are, to read the books and experience a different culture. It was an amazing experience.

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Ryan D'Alleva

Ryan D'Alleva '22

Find your niche in the department. There are multiple specializations within the major, and they can be a really great opportunity to explore what you want to do within the major.

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Headshot of Marina Goldman

Marina Goldman '23

"As an English major, you get to do a little bit of everything. You get an amazing depth and breadth of study...There’s a world of opportunity for what English majors can do."

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Donikah Brutus Headshot

Donikah Brutus '20

"[In the English major], you’re always reading something. English really taught me how to figure out what’s important in any given reading."

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Headshot of Samantha Mahan

Samantha Mahan '21

"Be flexible. I thought I would end up in a totally different job. Even if you have to totally switch gears for whatever reason, it will all turn out okay."

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