May 4, 2023
Jabberwocky 2023 Poster

The staff of Jabberwocky, the official, student-run undergraduate literary journal of the English Department, have recently published their new edition and celebrated its launch. Jabberwocky 2023 (PDF) collects works of fiction, nonfiction/criticism, poetry, and visual media created by students. This year, the journal received roughly 400 submissions, keeping up with their quota from last year.

Alejandro Barton-Negreiros, this year's editor-in-chief, writes, "With this year's journal publication now behind us, it's important to reflect on the journey that got us here. This year's team was incredibly passionate about making changes to the process, assuring that this journal is representative of the whole undergraduate student body and not just those that work on it. Reviewing, accepting submissions, and laying it all out was truly a beautiful process, one of trial and error, surely, but it is now more refined than it was at the beginning of this year. I'm proud of the journal we've made and I hope you all will too!"