February 17, 2022

I asked someone earlier this week if they knew what Jabberwocky was, and they responded: “Like the dance group?” No, not quite. They were thinking of “Jabbawockeez”... 

Jabberwocky is the official UMass undergraduate literary journal of the English Department. It’s run by a group of undergrad students who work together to evaluate and publish writing and visual art submitted by the undergraduate student body here at UMass. Students from any major are encouraged to submit work. 

The current Editor-in-Chief of JabberwockyMarina Goldman, tells me that the journal is also “a super dynamic outlet for professional development.” The editorial staff are in the process of developing a Jabberwocky alumni program, which would help students understand how the skills they are learning now, during their involvement with the journal, can translate to be very valuable in their post-grad years.

Marina also expressed her big goal as Editor-in-Chief is to “expand the journal’s reach as far as possible.” Although Jabberwocky is already open to any UMass undergrad, she hopes to involve as many different majors, into the team and onto the pages of the journal, as possible. Jabberwocky attracts a lot of great submissions from English majors, as it is the English Department’s literary journal, but there are many other majors that can contribute equally valuable pieces. Marina specifically noted that STEM and business majors also possess critical skills, such as effective communication and creative problem solving, that make a publication great.

Interested in getting involved with the journal? The publication is currently accepting submissions for their next publication. Jabberwocky accepts critical writing (such as a literature review you’ve written for a class), non-fiction, fiction, poetry, and visual media. Needless to say, adding “published poet, writer, or photographer” to your resume screams well-roundedness, so why not submit something to Jabberwocky today?

Written by Sarah Mulcahy, Digital Communications Intern