February 28, 2023
Laidine Barbosa

Laidine Barbosa, fourth-year English and Spanish double major, was recently accepted into the Boston Teacher Residency (BTR) Program, a teacher training program that provides aspiring teachers with a year-long residency in a Boston public school, during which they receive classroom experience and intensive coaching and mentoring from experienced educators.

The program was established in 2003 and is a collaboration between the Boston Public Schools and several partner organizations, including the University of Massachusetts Boston and AmeriCorps. The BTR Program provides a year-long, immersive training experience for aspiring teachers. Participants are placed in a classroom with an experienced teacher for a full academic year, during which they receive intensive coaching and mentorship. In addition, participants take graduate-level courses at the University of Massachusetts Boston and receive a stipend to cover living expenses. Upon completion of the program, participants earn a Master of Education degree and are eligible for Massachusetts teacher certification.

Laidine is so excited to start this chapter in both her academic and professional career. She says, "The courses I've taken within the English Department have really transformed the way I think about education. It is refreshing to know that BTR's agendas align with my personal values. They are committed to recruiting a diverse cohort of aspiring teachers and actively seek candidates from underrepresented backgrounds."