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Literature as History

Literature as History (LH) - 3 Courses

The courses in this specialization explore how literature reflects, illuminates, and imagines histories past, present, and future. Students pursuing the specialization will interrogate the relationships between texts and social, political, economic and cultural histories. The following questions animate the courses selected to fulfill the requirements: How do texts challenge dominant historical narratives through their incorporation of diverse voices and underdocumented events, crises, and social upheavals? How do texts intervene in shaping the debates of history by elaborating alternative directions and possibilities? What kind of future histories do genres such as science fiction and fantasy imagine?  What methods do texts use to navigate their historical present? How does language itself act as an instrument for historical change?

Courses that fulfil this specialization will vary year to year depending on schedule offerings. For questions about this specialization and the eligibility of specific courses, contact one of the Co-Directors of the letter: Ruth Jennison or Marjorie Rubright.