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Literature as History

Literature as History (LH) - 3 Courses

As William Faulkner observed, "The past is not dead. It isn't even past." All writers write in conversation with the many writers who preceded them; the stories we tell endlessly revisit, rewrite, appropriate, and challenge long traditions of story-telling. Some writers also write in conversation with history itself, revisiting and reshaping the past as a means of understanding their present. The courses in this specialization all emphasize this linkage between writing and history. The literary engagements with history you encounter in this specialization speak to the present in voices at times startlingly familiar, at other times wonderfully strange, and at all times in ways that help you better understand the stories we tell now.

Courses that fulfil this specialization will vary year to year depending on schedule offerings. For questions about this specialization and the eligibility of specific courses, contact Prof. Joseph Black, W449 South College,