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Jabberwocky is the official, student-run undergraduate literary journal of the English Department. With a publication each spring, Jabberwocky showcases the creativity and talent of writers, poets, and artists UMass Amherst has to offer! All UMass undergraduates are encouraged to submit their work. Students can add being published in Jabberwocky to their resume.

Our staff works together to publish the best pieces of criticism, fiction, media, nonfiction, and poetry in order to create a uniform publication that tells a unique story every year. Submissions are encouraged to break genre boundaries in order to express diverse perspectives in a creative form. Criticism and non-fiction can be any type of essay, whether personal or academic. Media can be in any form: photography, paintings, mixed media, sculptures, graphic art, drawings, and much more. All we need is a high-quality digital image of your work.  

Guidelines for submitting are as followed:

  • Title the piece
  • Do not put any personal information in the document
  • Keep submissions under 2,500 words
  • Submit each piece of literature as an individual PDF file
  • Submit media as a high-quality JPG/JPEG

You can submit up to 3 pieces of criticism/nonfiction, 3 pieces of fiction, 6 poems, and an unlimited amount of media.  The deadline to submit work is Friday, March 8, 2024 at 11:59 PM.

Jabberwocky welcomes all majors. Those who are interested in joining the staff can apply in the fall semester. Learn more about the different positions available (PDF), and to apply for an editorial staff position, please fill out this Google Form.  Staff applications will be closing Friday, Nov. 3 at 11:59 PM.

Submissions and any questions may be sent to

Cover of the 2023 issue of Jabberwocky

Cover art: “Empathic Energy,” by Shannon McKenna

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