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Choose your honors pathway 

English majors who have enrolled in the Commonwealth Honors College (CHC) may choose from 2 honors pathways, or tracks:

Upon graduation, students who successfully fulfill all of the honors requirements will have that achievement reflected on their official academic transcript. 

Begin planning early

CHC English majors should begin deciding which track they would like to pursue during spring registration of their sophomore year. This timing is important (particularly if you plan to go abroad) so that you can choose courses that might support your honors thesis or project and can develop relationships with faculty who may eventually oversee that work. To this end, you should meet with the Honors Program Director to explore which track is the best fit for you.

Honors courses

Each semester, the English Department designates several courses, and sometimes sections of larger courses, as honors courses. These 20-student courses often involve more difficult material and assignments and are conducted at a level that requires students’ full concentration and engagement in the course material. In return, they provide a particularly rich learning experience.

The English Department’s honors courses are open to all majors who seek an intensive seminar experience within the program. At the same time, these courses particularly serve the needs of English majors who are enrolled in Commonwealth Honors College (CHC) and have chosen to pursue the departmental honors track as part of their Commonwealth Honors College degree. 


Janis Greve
Meet with an advisor
Janis Greve
Honors Program Director
E345 South College
(413) 545-5464