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English Online Courses

The University Without Walls (UWW) at UMass Amherst offers online courses and degree programs. For students taking classes on campus, you will need to request an enrollment appointment on Spire before you can enroll in UWW courses. To learn more about UWW and the online degree programs they offer visit their website at

Fall 2022 Online English Course listing


English 132 Gender, Sexuality, Literature and Culture (ALDG)
Instructor: John Yargo

This course will approach the topic of Gender, Sexualty, Literature, & Culture through a case study in a subsect of women’s fiction known as “Chick Lit.” Students will explore the intersectionalities of gender, sex, and sexuality in and through a collection of texts from a variety of women’s perspectives from across the 20th century and into the 21st. We’ll put pressure on the boundaries of “women’s fiction,” “low/middle brow literature,” “girlhood,” “female friendship,” and “literary canon” all while practicing critical reading, thinking, and writing skills. (Gen.Ed. AL, DG)

English 254 Reading and Writing Imaginative Literature (AL) (200+ elective)(creative writing)
Instructor: Levi Pulford

"The duty of the writer is to remind us that we will die. And that we aren't dead yet." 
––Solmaz Sharif 

Topic: Mememto Mori and Dark Academia  
Memento mori has long existed as a theme within art that symbolizes the ephemerality of human life. In ancient Rome, enslaved people whispered memento mori to their commanders during victory parades to remind them of their mortality. Memento mori, then, is a means of survival, a way of life, particularly for those under the thumb of oppression. In this workshop, we will consider the theme of memento mori as we study the emerging genre of dark academia, in which Gothic elements are infused with academic settings and classic literature. We will don cardigans, read Tarot, steep tea, invent secret societies, and conjure other performances of dark academia. 

Students will have the opportunity to produce a creative work that is informed by the theme and genre at hand. Readings will include work from writers such as Leigh Bardugo, Holly Black, Alex Michaelides, Madeline Miller, Micah Nemerever, M. L. Rio, and Donna Tartt, as well as from poets such as Frank Bidart, Jericho Brown, Chen Chen, Natalie Diaz, and Richard Siken. 

English 385 Creative Writing: Nonfiction (300+ elective)(creative writing)
Instructor: Connie Griffin

This course will involve both reading and writing in the genre of creative nonfiction, which may include personal essays, lyrical essays, environmental literature, literary journalism, travel writing, and memoir.

English 319AG Writing the Graphic Novel (300+ elective)(creative writing)
Instructor: Stefan Petrucha

A nuts-and-bolts look at comic books and graphic novels purely from the writer's side. With 'Making Comics' by Scott McCloud as the basic text, we'll look at panel descriptions that inspire visuals, character-driven dialogue, the seven types of relationship between words and pictures, the writer/artist relationship and more. In addition to various writing exercises, students will develop their own ideas from springboards into completed scripts. This is not a course about artwork, and requires no artistic skill. It is also not a course about superheroes, treating graphic novel as an open medium capable of engaging any type of literary effort from genre to poetry.

English 391AJ Writing For a Living (300+ elective)(creative writing)
Instructor: Stefan Petrucha

Learn strategies and skills for presenting your book, your articles, your ideas, and yourself in a compelling and competitive manner to potential readers and buyers. Focusing on the rapidly changing world of publishing, will explore creative writing concepts that apply equally in creating job applications and business proposals.