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English Minor Requirements

How to Declare

In order to pursue the English minor, students must first declare an English major so that they can take courses that are open only to English majors. 

You may formally declare the minor once you have completed the minor requirements or are a graduating senior in the process of doing so. At that point, stop by the English Undergraduate Office (South College E345): we will run your transcript and prepare the minor declaration form along with the form to drop English as your major. You will return both forms to the registrar's office in 213 Whitmore.

Minor Requirements 

  • English 200 Introduction to Literary Studies

  • 1 British literature course at a 200 or higher level

  • 1 American literature course at a 200 or higher level

  • 1 course in global Anglophone or ethnic American literature, culture or rhetorics at a 200 or higher level

  • 1 English elective at a 200 or higher level 

  • 1 upper-level English elective at a 300 or higher level

All minor requirements have a qualifying grade of a C or better. A maximum of two transfer or inter-departmental courses can be counted toward the major if they are pre-approved by the English undergraduate office.

If you have any questions about the minor requirements, contact the English undergraduate office (E345 South College).