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English Minor (6 courses)

  • 1 English 200: Introduction to Literary Studies

  • 1 British literature course at a 200 or higher level

  • 1 American literature course at a 200 or higher level

  • 1 course in global Anglophone or ethnic American literature, culture or rhetorics at a 200 or higher level

  • 1 English elective at a 200 or higher level 

  • 1 upper-level English elective at a 300 or higher level

All minor requirements have a qualifying grade of a C or better. A maximum of two transfer or inter-departmental courses can be counted toward the minor if they are pre-approved by the English undergraduate office.

How to Declare

To declare the minor in English, contact the Undergraduate Program Coordinator, Celeste Stoddard at @email or stop by the English undergraduate office located at E345 South College.


Tim Mehrmann

English Minor Spotlight

Tim Mehrmann, a pre-med Biochemistry major, plans to attend medical school after graduation. He says, "I am particularly interested in the study of infectious disease, and hope to one day specialize as an infectious disease doctor. ... I’ve been an English minor since the second semester of my freshman year, and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. So far, having a minor in English has improved my communication skills and given me the opportunity to expand my horizons beyond STEM."