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Current Graduate Students

Ashley Canter

Ph.D. Composition and Rhetoric
Ashley Canter's Website

Ashley is a PhD candidate in Composition and Rhetoric. She earned an Advanced Feminist Studies Certificate in the Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Department. She currently teaches Writing & Society. Her dissertation research explores the ways that Appalachian women's community literacies at one non-profit organization connect to global political economic rhetorics that have led to extractive economies in the region. When she isn’t on campus, Ashley enjoys hiking, finding new houseplants, and admiring how cute her dogs are.

Oscar Ivan Garcia Santana

MA/Ph.D. Composition and Rhetoric

Oscar Garcia is a current MA/PhD student in Rhetoric and Composition. His research interests lie in critical race theory, multimodal pedagogy, first year writing instruction, writing pedagogy, code-meshing, BIPOC rhetoric and Hip Hop pedagogy. His research is posited in instructing and viewing language as a non standardized constantly evolving mode of communication acquisition and believes that writing instruction is no different. When he isn’t on campus, you can find him in the gym or out and about.

Elena Kalodner-Martin

Ph.D. Composition and Rhetoric
Elena Kalodner-Martin's Website

Elena is a current PhD candidate in Composition and Rhetoric. She is a Teaching Associate in the English Department, where she teaches courses on professional writing, technical communication, coding, and web design. Her dissertation theorizes user-generated healthcare content in online spaces as a form of technical and technological expertise. When she isn't on campus, you can find her hiking and biking Pioneer Valley or cuddling with her two cats.

Specializations: Technical communication, rhetoric of health and medicine, feminist rhetoric, digital rhetoric

Stacie Klinowski

Ph.D. Composition and Rhetoric

Stacie is in her fourth year of the MA/PhD program in Composition and Rhetoric and is currently Assistant Director of the UMass Writing Center. She is also an editorial assistant for Peitho, the journal of the Coalition of Feminist Scholars in the History of Rhetoric and Composition, and is completing the graduate certificate in public history at UMass. Her research focuses on histories of composition in the U.S., writing and language ideologies, and community literacy work. In her free time, Stacie likes to hang out with her cats, hike, and watch compellingly bad movies.

Jeremy Levine

Ph.D. Composition and Rhetoric

Jeremy Levine is a PhD student from Long Island, New York. His main research interests involve the intersection of education policy and literacy development in high schools and colleges. He is particularly interested in how writing assessments create definitions of writing for students and teachers. Outside of academics, he is a musician, below-average bicyclist, and amateur breakfast chef.

Specializations: Writing Development, Education Policy

Miranda Lutyens

Ph.D. Composition and Rhetoric

Miranda is an MA/PhD student in Composition and Rhetoric. She teaches College Writing and is also a Graduate Assistant Director in the Writing Program, where she mentors first-year teaching associates. Prior to coming to UMass, Miranda spent fifteen years teaching secondary English Language Arts, first in the Boston Public Schools and then at the American School of Lima, Peru. She is a National Board Certified Teacher and has two Master's in Education. Her research and praxis interests include: leveraging the study of multilingualism for enacting social justice pedagogy; rhetorics of voice and the aural; and freewriting as reflective practice.

Robert Murray

MA/Ph.D. Composition and Rhetoric

Nha Chi Nguyen

MA/Ph.D. Composition and Rhetoric

Nicole O'Connell

Ph.D. Composition and Rhetoric

Nicole is a PhD student in Composition and Rhetoric, and she also teaches in the Writing Program. As an undergraduate, she majored in English and history, and her master’s degree is in professional writing and communication. She is especially interested in technical communication, public history, and digital humanities.

Jade Yeen Onn

MA Composition and Rhetoric

Jaclyn Ordway

Ph.D. Composition and Rhetoric

Jaclyn received her BA in English/Communications and BS in Education from Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. Currently, she is PhD candidate in Composition and Rhetoric, whose interests include writing instructor training, digital literacies, and writing centers. She is also a Teaching Associate in the English Department, the office manager of the Western Massachusetts Writing Project, and a tutor in UMass's Writing Center.

Danielle Pappo

Ph.D. Composition and Rhetoric

Danielle is a current PhD candidate in Composition and Rhetoric, focused in community literacy studies. She is a Writing Fellow for the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Department, where she provides full-time writing support to both instructors and students in the major. Danielle is also a 2021-22 Herstory / CCW Fellow, in which she works alongside a cohort of scholars and activists to practice and develop empathy-based writing pedagogy. Danielle is also a runner, a writer of poetry and creative non-fiction, and a home-baker.

Rachel Smith

Ph.D. Composition and Rhetoric

Rachel Smith is a third-year MA/PhD student in Rhetoric and Composition. Her research interests are in development, but she is preliminarily interested in the relationship between identity and digital circulation, as well as how to center these conversations in the first-year writing classroom. She also has a background in secondary English education and loves teaching writing. In her free time, she enjoys going to concerts and hanging out with her cat.

Sarah Stetson

Ph.D. Composition and Rhetoric

Sarah is a PhD candidate who specializes in composition and literacy studies. Her dissertation is a mixed-methods study of basic writing teachers' self-identified socially just writing assessment practices. Sarah's research and teaching interests include histories of basic writing, social justice in literacy studies, writing assessment, and qualitative methods.

Mitchell Wells

Ph.D. Composition and Rhetoric