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English majors do get jobs, and that's not all. They rise to leadership positions and help re-imagine the world.

The English major prepares students to write and speak well, to think analytically and critically, and to solve problems quickly, all of which are required and sought after in today's 21st century job market. 

Future-proof your college degree with an English major. Whereas technical skills can quickly become obsolete in the face of changing technologies, the critical thinking and communication skills that you learn in the English majorwhat might be called human skillswill endure. Again and again, our alumni tell us the skills they honed through their English major are like having superpowers. This helps explain why, over time, the salaries of English majors match and can even exceed the median salaries of their counterparts in other majors.


How do I find an internship?

All English majors are encouraged to complete at least one internship. These can be paid summer internships or credit-bearing internships that count toward your electives. Students can apply for funds from the English department and HFA to defray the cost of doing an unpaid internship (with a non-profit) or an internship that requires you to relocate during the summer.


How do I find my path and prepare for a career?

To help you explore your interests and decide where to direct your skills, we hold workshops, sponsor internships, and run a Careers seminar (The Major and Beyond, two credits).

Be sure to check out our specialization or certificate options, which can help you to focus your studies and develop marketable skills in writing, editing, and digital technology. Speak with your faculty advisor about your interests and work with them to map out a plan.

Follow our career prep timeline

You can use the year-by-year guide below as a checklist to help you take steps to prepare for your post-graduation career. Refer to this checklist when registering for courses and meeting with your faculty advisor.

What do our English majors go on to do?

UMass English majors go on to careers in every imaginable industry and sector, from tech companies like Google, Meta, and Amazon, to nonprofits liks ISO New England (clean energy) and TechnoServe (anti-poverty).

Many of our graduates also pursue advanced degrees: law, MBA, Social Work, Education, Human Factors, UX and, of course English Studies). Others go on to found their own companies (including Life is Good) and consulting firms.

Callie Reynolds, UMass English

Callie Reynolds, VP of Account Management for the Moat team within Oracle Data Cloud, shares the story of her English major and certificate in Professional Writing and Technical Communication help start her on a path to a career in technology.