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Our Undergraduate Program Office located in E345 South College is here to provide students with information about courses, degree requirements, and both educational and pre-professional advising for English majors. 

If you are a prospective student, we welcome the opportunity to talk to you about the strengths of our department and the ways English Studies can help you can grow as a scholar, writer, and individual. You can contact us by email if you have questions, or call our office at 413-545-0388 to set up an appointment with an advisor.

If you are an English major, you have access to two primary sources of advising: 1) your assigned faculty advisor and 2) the advisors in E345 South College. You also have access to trained peer advisors who can supplement the advice of faculty and staff with valuable student perspectives. Advisors can help you select appropriate courses, prepare for internships, and connect with program alumni mentors as you plan for your career. You should make an appointment with your advisor each semester before registering for classes, and whenever you have other advising needs during the semester.


Contact the Undergraduate Advising Office

If your last name begins A-L please contact Celeste Stoddard

If your last name begins with M-Z, please contact Chief Advisor and Honors Director, Janis Greve

Important Notes:  If you have been working with one of us and want to continue to see us even if your last name no longer matches, that is fine.  

Also, if you are seeking advising assistance regarding your honors requirements or teaching high school English, please schedule to see Chief Advisor and Honors Director, Janis Greve.

picture of Janis GreveJanis Greve
Director of English Honors Program, Chief Undergraduate Advisor
South College E345B | (413) 545-1612 |

Fall 2023 Office Hours are by appointment via Navigate: Mon 2-3:30; Tue: 2:30-3:30; Wed: 1:30-3:30; Thurs: 2:30-3:30

Celeste StoddardCeleste Stoddard
Undergraduate Program Coordinator
South College E345A | (413) 545-0388 |

Fall 2023 Office Hours via Navigate: Mon 10-2:30; Tues 8-1; Wed: 10:00-2:30; Thur 9-2; Fri 10-2:30

Meet with Your Faculty Advisor

Upon declaring the major, you will be assigned to a faculty member who will act as an advisor and mentor and can give general advice concerning academic and related matters. You should plan to meet with your advisor each semester before your registration period begins to discuss your course schedules for the following semester. You can find your assigned faculty advisor by checking the bulletin board outside the Undergraduate English Office, E345 South College, or by checking your SPIRE record. 

Your advisor (and other professors) hold scheduled office hours and they welcome your visits. If you have trouble finding your advisor, come to the English Undergraduate Office in E345 South College and we will make sure you get the advising you seek. 

Get Help with College or Gen Ed Requirements 

The Advising and Career Center of the College of Humanities and Fine Arts offers assistance with General Education and foreign language requirements, as well as identifying academic interests, review and interpretation of Degree Progress Reports, class scheduling and SPIRE assistance, and more. They are located in E202 South College, right off the atrium. For more information, visit their website or email them at

Students with questions regarding transfer courses and course substitutions, credits, GPA, transcripts, and graduation requirements/diploma, should contact the Registrar’s Office, 213 Whitmore, 545-0555.

Meet with a Peer Advisor

Students who would like advice from experienced English majors may contact the English Student Advisory Board (SAB) or take advantage of drop-in peer advising during registration. The SAB is made up of a group of students representing diverse aspects of the English Department and the University. They can answer questions about courses, the major, extracurricular opportunities, and English department events.

Get Career Advising

Students seeking career advice and related workshops (resume help, looking for internships, etc.) can contact the HFA Advising and Career Center in E202 South College.