LGBT Discrimination in the Workplace

These present LGBT employment discrimination charges through a series of visualizations that allow visitors to interactively explore the data. Please be sure to read our full report for more information about LGBT employment discrimination as well as watch our webinars.

Report: New Evidence from the Frontlines on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Discrimination

by: M.V. Lee Badgett, Amanda Baumle, and Steven Boutcher 

In this report, we analyze data on the 9,121 SOGI discrimination charges filed with the EEOC or with a state or local fair employment practices agency (FEPA) between 2013 and 2016. These charges provide an unprecedented view into the situations where employees believe that they have faced discrimination because of their sexual orientation and/or gender identification. WE report on trends in charge filing over time and on patterns by industry, issues raised, and outcomes of the charges. 


Data Visualizations

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LGBTWebinar from Steve Boutcher on Vimeo.