Signing of Civil Rights Act

 In 1964, the United States took the moral lead among nations in its commitment to create equal opportunity in employment along racial, gender, religious, ethnic and national origin lines. In the half century since the 1964 Civil Rights Act this commitment has been widened to include sexual orientation,veteran status, age and disability. As a society, we have noble aspirations but are also far from reaching these goals. We believe that progress toward reaching equitable diversity in the workplace requires good metrics to gauge how far we have come and how far we still have to go. We also believe that careful scientific analyses are required to both document progress and evaluate the methods we employ. Finally, we believe such knowledge should be readily available to the citizens of this country. Mission Statement: The Center for Employment Equity is committed to documenting progress, and when necessary regress, toward our shared national goals of equitable diverse workplaces. We will provide scientifically careful analyses and curated data to the community of citizens, employers, and policy makers concerned with promoting equitable workplaces.