Current Projects

Current Projects Focus on a Variety of Topics Analyzing Employment Equity, Diversity, and Discrimination 

  • Reports on the firm level distribution of employment diversity among information technology firms.
  • Reports ranking communities and industries in terms of their employment diversity along gender and race/ethnic dimensions.
  • Reports on the incidence, location and content of sexual orientation/gender identity discrimination complaints to the EEOC.
  • A study on the trajectories of workplace managerial representation for White men, White women, Black men, and Black women.
  • A study on the influence of Office of FederalContract Compliance audits on the employment diversity of federal contractor firms.

Statement of Independence and Objectivity

The Center for Employment Equity is committed to the highest standards of independent inquiry, academic excellence and rigor. Research findings and conclusions are never altered to accommodate other interests, including those of funders, other organizations, or government bodies and officials.