Tips for individuals needing assistance during an emergency:

  • If you are in immediate danger, find a safe location in the building and shelter in place and call 911 or UMPD to report your location
    • Safe locations include:
      • One-hour fire resistive hallways adjacent to an exit
      • Vestibule location next to an exit enclosure
      • A portion of a balcony location near an exit stairway
      • Stairway landing within a smoke-proof enclosure (do not obstruct the stairs)
      • Enclosed room, away from the hazard
  • If you are unable to call 911, advise others around you of your location and have them inform emergency personnel of your location.
  • If you are in no immediate danger, remain where you are and wait for emergency personnel to arrive.
  • You are encouraged to carry a sounding device like a small whistle, flashlight, and cell phone to alert emergency personnel of your location.
  • Having a well-practiced plan may save your life. Call the UMass Office of Emergency Management (413-545-2682) for assistance in developing plans that apply specifically to you.

Tips for people who offer to help those needing assistance:

  • Only attempt an emergency evacuation if you have had emergency assistance training or if the person is in immediate danger and cannot wait for emergency personnel
  • ALWAYS ask a peer with a disability how you can help BEFORE attempting any rescue technique or giving assistance
    • Ask how to best assist the individual and whether any precautions must be taken or if certain items need to be taken.
  • Evacuate the building per their instructions using stairwells, do no use elevators unless requested by police or fire personnel.
  • If you know of someone you couldn’t assist, notify emergency personnel, or call UMPD (413-545-3111) immediately.