UMass Emergency Procedures provides guidance on strategies for responding to an emergency on campus, though these considerations also apply outside of the campus environment. Each of the hazard-specific guidance is intended to be a general overview – your specific action plan will need to adapt based on the details of the situation. Use this as a tool to build your personal response plan so you are prepared when disaster strikes!

In the case of a campus emergency situation, UMass will send out alert notifications and inform you on your next steps via the various modes of communication found in the Notifications section.  In the meantime, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with our recommended actions. If you find yourself in harm's way, take fast and decisive action.



Download the Campus Emergency Procedures Poster for the Mount Ida Campus.


Emergency Procedures on the My UMass App  

You can access Emergency Procedures on the My UMass App. Students, faculty, and staff can access the procedures for various hazards when an incident occurs. This app also includes Preparedness Resources, Essential Contacts, and access to your UMass Amherst Emergency Alert settings.

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