The University of Massachusetts Amherst


Preparing for emergencies on campus is a shared responsibility among the UMass administrators, faculty, staff, students and their families. This page serves as a reference guide for parents of UMass students.

Communication During an Emergency:

In the event of an emergency, your student will receive information via text messages (if the student signs up), e-mailand the UMass Homepage and other campus alerts where appropriate.

To stay informed about incidents effecting the UMass community, bookmark the UMass Homepage for official status updates.  Social media sites, such as the UMass Twitter page and the UMass Facebook page, will be used to provide information and updates during an emergency.

Help students prepare:

Below are a few key steps to assist your student to be prepared for an emergency.

1. Create a Family Communication Plan

Since phone service may be unavailable after a major emergency, the University recommends that you identify at least two alternative methods for contacting your student after an emergency to see if he or she is safe and well. Campus may not be accessible during or after emergency so it is a good idea to make plans as though you will not be able to access campus.

2. Build an Emergency Supply Kit

Encourage your student to create a plan and assemble an Emergency Supply Kit:
Students should be familiar with all emergency exits at their place of residence and keep an emergency kit including an emergency radio, flashlight, water, and non-perishable food. Recommendations on how to make a plan and built a kit are available here, and students in the residence halls can talk to their Resident Advisor for hall-specific information.

3. Become Familiar with Possible Hazards on Campus

Learn about what hazards can occur by reading our Emergency Procedures. Instruct your son or daughter to become familiar with UMass' campus emergency web site.

4. Sign Up for UMass Alerts 

Encourage your son or daughter to sign up to receive UMass Alerts and become familiar with UMass Notification Systems.