UMass Amherst recommends that every student, faculty, and staff member develop their personal emergency plans. A personal emergency preparedness plan is essential to safeguarding yourself during an emergency. We have developed a template to give you a starting point- download the UMass Amherst Personal Emergency Preparedness Plan today and start planning today!

UMass Emergency Procedures, which provide hazard specific guidance, are intended to be a general overview for then an emergency strikes. You can always access this information via the My UMass app. Remember, your plan will always need to be modified to best apply to the particular incident.

The Office of Emergency Management is available to assist in this process – reach out us at and we’ll connect with you!

Emergency Contact Numbers

  • Create a list of contact information for family members, roommates, friends, partners, and other important resources such as medical facilities, doctors, police, and fire.
  • Make sure your primary contacts have a copy of the contact information.
  • Regularly review and update your contacts to ensure they’re up to date.

Students: Special Recommendations

  • Write down the following and make available to your roommate
    • One to two emergency contacts
    • For out-of-state and international students, try to establish a local emergency contact who is readily available to assist you if needed
    • Document any medical issues or other important information (like medications) in case first responders need relevant information
    • Identified meeting location in case you’re unable to return to your dorm or residence
  • Write down the following to have it available to your family
    • Location of emergency meeting locations in case family members need to pick you up quickly
    • The contact of your roommates and/or close friend whom they could contact if you are unreachable