UMass Amherst Emergency Preparedness Training has been developed for UMass faculty, staff, and students to provide guidance and recommendations on how to manage incidents that may arise on campus. Our goal is to give you the information, skills, and resources to handle emergency situations.

Emergency Preparedness Training video

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We focus on three steps you can take to enhance your personal preparedness:

Step 1: Be Informed

  • In order to take action when there is an emergency, you first must be aware the emergency is happening. We will share the variety of ways you can receive alerts and notifications regarding emergency situations.

Step 2: Have a Plan

  • We will discuss a variety of emergency situations and provide guidance to help you make an informed, safe decision.

Step 3: Build Your Kit:

  • Your kits are the tools to minimize risk and respond effectively. We will present resources, trainings, supplies, and preventative actions available to you.

It’s important to understand that a safe and healthy campus is a responsibility that we all share. Together, we can Be UMass Ready!