This section contains links and information about our EEODataNet partners and other related resources. 
The UMass Center for Employment Equity (CEE) conducts research on workplace equity, disseminating results widely to scholars, the public, policymakers, agencies, and the media. CEE is developing an online data portal to historical and contemporary data on discrimination charges and workplace employment composition. 

Institute on Employment and Disability

Located at Cornell University, the mission of the Yang-Tan Institute on Employment and Disability advances knowledge, policies and practice to enhance equal opportunities for all people with disabilities through education, research and consultations. The Yang-Tan Institute partners with state and federal government and philanthropic organizations to advance equal opportunity for people with disabilities. For more information, see Related ProjectsResearch or Online Learning.

The Williams Institute

Located at UCLA Law, the Williams Institute think tank conducts independent research on sexual orientation and gender identity law and public policy. Consisting of economists, legal scholars, social scientists, demographers and public health experts, the Williams Institute produces legal research, public policy analysis, judicial training and leadership development and disseminates it to policy makers, researchers, the media and the public. For more information click the links for a list of real-world relevant research articles or examples of the Institute's strategic education programs.

Civil Rights Litigation Clearinghouse

Located at the University of Michigan Law School, the Civil Rights Litigation Clearinghouse collects documents and information from civil rights cases across the United States. Civil Rights Litigation Clearinghouse data is available for the public to allow greater understanding of historical and contemporary American civil rights litigation.
For more information, click on the links for a list of the case category specificscase search or FAQs.

EEOC Litigation Project at Washington University (St. Louis) School of Law

Located at the Washington University (St. Louis) School of Law, this independent project collects and analyzes data on federal court litigation brought from fiscal years 1997 to 2006, inclusive, by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the federal agency charged with enforcing the laws forbidding discrimination by private employers on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, and disability. The data capture detailed information regarding the participants, motions, events, and outcomes, among other things.