Welcome to EEODataNet

EEODataNet is an emerging group of researchers who study equal employment opportunity and workplace discrimination. The researchers mostly come from academia and the government, and most use data from federal and state agencies. Researchers’ access to EEOC data is subject to strict confidentiality restrictions.  For information about these restrictions, see:  EEO Data.

Our Goal: We want to expand the relevant research that is available to EEO agencies and policymakers and make equal employment opportunity research accessible to the public.

Our Purpose: EEODataNet will help expand the research base by making it easier for researchers to access descriptions of equal employment opportunity-related data  and related documentation. Through conferences and other structured activities, we will be a channel for researchers to have opportunities to meet with policymakers. In addition, this site will be a repository of research papers to ease the process of literature reviews and to make such research more easily accessible.

See our Studies Using Equal Employment Opportunity Data for a searchable database of published and unpublished studies using equal employment opportunity data, available by dataset, protected category and author.  

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