Our Values in Practice

Holistic teaching, collaborative research, community engagement, social justice

These are the lenses through which we consider every aspect of education, the values we put into practice every day. They influence the ways we teach our students, conduct our research, serve our communities, and work toward a global future that is more equitable and more just. Our teaching practice synthesizes foundational scholarship, pioneering research, and practical engagement. Our leading-edge research promotes policies, practices, and partnerships that nurture diverse, just, and effective educational communities. We collaborate with our local, state, national, and global communities, leveraging our research and evidence-based expertise to inform public policy, enrich public debate, and contribute to social change. We recruit and support a vibrant student body that reflects the many dimensions of diversity in the Commonwealth, preparing teachers and leaders who will revolutionize education through their professional practice and research.

Read how our faculty, students, and alumni put these values into practice


  • Social Justice

Crossing the Boundaries of Language

Marsha Jing-Ji Liaw (‘19PhD) introduces educators and students to think critically in more than one language.

  • Community Engagement

Leveling the (Financial) Playing Field

The Cirone family has endowed an education scholarship to support the next generation of teachers.

  • Social Justice

Multiliteracy Justice

Fulbright Scholar Imamatul Khair is positioning STEAM instruction within multiliteracy and dual language pedagogy.

  • Teaching

Making Room for Voices

At Amherst Regional High School, Samantha Camera ’01M.Ed. frames education as a plane of infinite possibility. 

  • Social Justice

Acing the Test

Psychometrician Francis O’Donnell ’19PhD demystifies educational assessments. 

  • Social Justice

Remembering Dean Dwight Allen

Dean Dwight Allen took an iconoclastic approach to education at UMass Amherst.

  • Social Justice

A Work in Progress

Maurianne Adams' legacy lives on in the college through a transformational gift to the Social Justice Education program.

  • Teaching

Fostering Place-Based Education in Schools

TESI alum Paul Bocko connects education and environmental sustainability.

  • Teaching

Building Bridges

Bridges to the Future graduate Alex Gearty '19MEd impacts future educators by volunteering on campus.

  • Community Engagement

Building a Rich Career in Higher Education Leadership

As founder of the Jablonski Consulting Group, Peggy Jablonski '85MEd is sparking change throughout the higher education space.

  • Social Justice

Leadership Through Shared Governance

A philosophy of shared governance was Jim Ewers Jr.’s touchstone for effective leadership in higher education contexts.

  • Research

Taking School Psychology Virtual

Research by Emily Barry ’22PhD is helping to redefine delivery models for mental health interventions.