Our Values in Practice

Holistic teaching, collaborative research, community engagement, social justice

These are the lenses through which we consider every aspect of education, the values we put into practice every day. They influence the ways we teach our students, conduct our research, serve our communities, and work toward a global future that is more equitable and more just. Our teaching practice synthesizes foundational scholarship, pioneering research, and practical engagement. Our leading-edge research promotes policies, practices, and partnerships that nurture diverse, just, and effective educational communities. We collaborate with our local, state, national, and global communities, leveraging our research and evidence-based expertise to inform public policy, enrich public debate, and contribute to social change. We recruit and support a vibrant student body that reflects the many dimensions of diversity in the Commonwealth, preparing teachers and leaders who will revolutionize education through their professional practice and research.

Read how our faculty, students, and alumni put these values into practice


  • Teaching

Student Teaching through a Pandemic

UMass College of Education students make the most of their student teaching experience even during an extraordinarily challenging year.

  • Teaching

Taking an Alternative Route to a Career in Education

Joshua Hirsh is the first graduate of the College of Education’s new community education and social change undergraduate concentration

  • Social Justice / Community Engagement

Racial Justice and Youth Voices at Heart of Research and Scholarship

The Center of Racial Justice and Youth Engaged Research (CRJ) centers Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) 

  • Social Justice

Educational Assessment as a Locus for Social Justice

Associate Professor Jennifer Randall is moving education toward culturally sustaining and explicitly anti-racist assessments.

  • Teaching

Transforming Our Critical Conversations

Ximena Zúñiga’s pioneering scholarship on intergroup dialogue has made the UMass College of Education a center for this innovative social justice practice.

  • Social Justice

Envisioning Schools as Entry Points for Racial Equity

Social Justice professor Jamila Lyiscott works to transform schools into institutions that truly foster equality.

  • Teaching

Becoming a Teacher in 180 Days

Christopher McCarthy and Justin Bates are among the hundreds of teachers who have launched their careers in urban education through the intensive and rewarding 180 Days in Springfield program.

  • Teaching

A Groundbreaking Pioneer of Media Education

As a high school teacher and UMass professor, Professor Emerita Liane Brandon was instrumental in developing the field of media education.

  • Research

Understanding the Crucial Links between Families and Schools

Sarah Fefer’s research demonstrates that family-school partnerships are essential in supporting students with challenging behaviors.

  • Community Engagement

Creating Space for Community and Collaboration

Thanks to the Carney family, a new auditorium is transforming learning and engagement at the College of Education.

  • Research

Taking a Critical Look at Testing

Stephen Sireci has built a career ensuring that educational assessments are fair and useful.

  • Social Justice

Observing Moments of Possibility

Education ethnographer Laura Valdiviezo envisions classrooms as sites of transformation for social justice and equity.