Undergraduate Minor in Education

The Minor in Education is a way for students interested in education to explore various theoretical aspects of education and to gain experience working with students in a variety of settings. While completion of the minor does not lead to a license or certificate, students who pursue the minor will gain a strong knowledge base in the area of education and be well-prepared to enter a licensure program, graduate program, or career in the field of education. UMass undergraduates from any department are welcome to complete the minor, and the minor is highly recommended for students interested in pursuing licensure to teach at the Elementary (1-6) level. 

Tracking your progress in the Minor

 To track your progress in the Education Minor, please use the minor tracking sheet.  The form will allow you to track your progress through the minor and ways to complete the minor requirements. 

Declaring the Minor in Education

The Minor in Education can be declared when a student has either (1) completed all coursework necessary to fulfill the Minor in Education or (2) is in his/her last semester of completing coursework for the minor. To declare, students must complete the Minor Declaration form and submit this form to the Education Advising Center, along with a copy of their unofficial transcript. The Education Advising Center will grant approval to all those who have successfully fulfilled the Minor in Education requirements. Please note that while the Minor in Education will appear on a student’s transcript, it does not appear on the diploma.

Outline of Minor Requirements

To complete the Minor in Education, students must take at least 18 credits of coursework from the courses listed below. Students must take at least three credits in each of the four sections, and six of the 18 total credits must be at the 300+ level. Students interested in enrolling in education credits while studying abroad must seek prior approval through the Educator Advising Center before these credits can count toward the Minor in Education. Advising for the Minor in Education is not required, but is strongly recommended. 

EDUC 167 Education and Film 4
EDUC 225 Controversial Issues in Education (225H for Honors Students also available) 4
EDUC 229 International Education 4
EDUC 276 How We Form and Maintain Erroneous Beliefs 3
PSYCH/EDUC 305 Educational Psychology 3
EDUC 393M Introduction to Early Childhood Education 3
EDUC 282A Early Childhood Pre-practicum (taken concurrently for 1 credit with EDUC 393M) 1
EDUC 351 Social Foundations of Education 3
EDUC 524 Work of the Middle and High School Teacher 3


  Social Justice  
EDUC 115 Embracing Diversity 4
EDUC 202 Social Issues in Intergroup Relations 4
EDUC 210 Social Diversity in Education  4
EDUC 325 Introduction to Special Education 3
EDUC 377 Introduction to Multicultural Education 4
EDUC 491A Introduction to Inclusion  


  Human Development  
EDUC 293A Love and Work 3
HUMDEV 270 Child Development 4
HUMDEV 300 Human Development in Infancy 3
PSYCH 350 Development Psychology 3
EDUC 594M Child and Adolescent Development for the Helping Professional 3


EDUC 218 Hip Hop Nation Language and Literacy Practice  4
EDUC 378 Survey of Children's Literature 3
EDUC 461 Reading and Language Arts Methods 3
EDUC 482E School Based Field Experience (1-2 credits) 1-2
EDUC 462 Principles and Methods of Teaching Science in the Elementary School 3
EDUC 463 Principles and Methods of Mathematics - PreK-6th Grades 3
EDUC 494RI Educational Issues in the Real World Context 3
EDUC 497D Creative Arts for the Young Child 3
EDUC 497I Tutoring in Schools 4
EDUC 497TM Principles and Methods of Mathematics 4th-12th Grade 3
EDUC 425 Classroom Assessment 3
EDUC 591SM Introduction to Secondary Mathematics Education 3
EDUC 593A Teaching and Learning in Technology 3
EDUC 595V Understanding Math Anxiety 3
EDUC 571 Psychology in the Classroom 3


For questions about the Minor in Education, or if you would like to make an advising appointment, please contact the Education Advising Center (education@umass.edu)