Undergraduate Minor in Education

The Minor in Education is a way for students interested in education to explore various theoretical aspects of education and to gain experience working with students in a variety of settings. While completion of the minor does not lead to a license or certificate, students who pursue the minor will gain a strong knowledge base in the area of education and be well-prepared to enter a licensure program, graduate program, or career in the field of education. UMass undergraduates from any department are welcome to complete the minor, and the minor is highly recommended for students interested in pursuing licensure to teach at the Elementary (1-6) level.

Outline of Minor Requirements

To complete the Minor in Education, students must take a minimum of 18 credits from the approved list of minor courses found on the Minor in Education description. Education courses that do not appear on this list cannot count toward the Minor in Education. At least three credits must be taken in each of the four sections: Foundations, Social Justice, Human Development, and Pedagogy. Finally, six of the 18 credits must be at the 300 level or above. Advising for the Minor in Education is not required, but is strongly recommended. To learn more about advising or to make an advising appointment, please see the advising page.

Declaring the Minor in Education

The Minor in Education can be declared when a student has either (1) completed all coursework necessary to fulfill the Minor in Education or (2) is in his/her last semester of completing coursework for the minor. To declare, students must complete Section A of the Minor Declaration form and submit this form to the Educator Information Office, along with a copy of their unofficial transcript. The Educator Licensure Officer will grant approval to all those who have successfully fulfilled the Minor in Education requirements. Please note that while the Minor in Education will appear on a student’s transcript, it does not appear on the diploma.


For questions about the Minor in Education, or if you would like to make an advising appointment, please contact the Educator Information Office at (413) 545-2002 or eio@educ.umass.edu.