University to Schools for Graduates M.Ed.

Upon completion of the University to Schools for Graduates pathway, students receive a Master’s in Education (M.Ed.) as well as initial licensure to teach middle or high school. This 33-37 credit program can be taken full-time or part-time; full-time students may complete the program in three to four semesters, while part-time students have up to three years to finish the program. In addition to education courses, students in the University to Schools for Graduates pathway complete at least four 600+ level courses in their subject area. 

This program leads to initial teacher licensure in Massachusetts. Because of reciprocity agreements between states, you may be able to transfer your license to another state. However, the College of Education at UMass Amherst makes no guarantees that this program meets teacher licensure requirements in any state other than Massachusetts. If you are seeking licensure in another state, you should contact Beverley Bell, Assistant Dean of Educator Preparation,, (413)545-2701 for more information about how to determine whether this program will be appropriate for you. Access to your state’s licensing agency is available on the Teacher Licensure Agency Directory

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Course of Study

Prior to Practicum Year

Category Course Number Course Title Credits
  EDUC 524 Work of the Middle & High School Teacher (F/Sp 3
Moderate Disabilities      
  EDUC 560 (Grad) Issues in Instructional Practices in Special Education 3
  EDUC 325 (UG) Introduction to Special Education (F/W/Sp/S) 3
Digital Literacy  (take one course out of the following)    
  EDUC 593A Teaching & Learning with Technology (online) 3
  EDUC 615G-01 Integrating Technology with Instruction 3
Human Development (take one course out of the following)    
  EDUC 693A Adolescent Growth and Development 3
  EDUC 692K Foundations & Theories of Learning 3
  EDUC 667 Theory of Learning and Teaching in STEM Education 3
  PSYCH 305 Educational Psychology 3
  PSYCH 355 Adolescent Psychology 3
Multicultural Education / Social Justice  (take one course out of the following) and other options to be approved    
  EDUC 497I / 597R Tutoring in Schools  4
  EDUC 210 Social Diversity in Education 3
  EDUC 377 Introduction to Multicultural Education 3
  EDUC 392 / 691E Social Issues 3
  EDUC 627 Curriculum Design in Social Justice Education 3
  EDUC 648 Oppression in Education 3
  EDUC 590Z Critical Pedagogy for Media Literacy 3
  EDUC 755 Urban Education 3
  EDUC 677 Foundations of Bilingual ESL and Multicultural Education 3
  EDUC 665 Leadership for Curriculum Development 3

During the first year UTS students simultaneously take Subject Matter Coursework determined in a meeting with the English, Mathematics, History, or Science Faculty Advisors.

Final Year Fall Semester - Progression into the Practicum semester

Category Course Number Course Title Credits
  EDUC 592S On-site Practicum *and associated course 3
  EDUC 503 Sheltered English Immersion 3
Subject Matter Methods Course (take one course out of the following)    
  EDUC 511 Math 3
  EDUC 512 Science 3
  EDUC 514 History 3
  EDUC 515 English 3

*Pre Practicum Requires a minimum of 15 hours per week in an assigned school placement.

Required to enter the practicum:
Completion of program above
Successful completion of Gateway Assessments
Successful completion of 2 x Pre-Practicum Formal Observations

Final Year Spring Semester - Full time in Practicum placement and 2 courses

Category Course Number Course Title Credits
  EDUC 500S/M Student Teaching Practicum 6 Grad
12 UG
  EDUC 510 Teacher in Middle and High School Classroom Seminar 2
Advanced Methods Course (take one course out of the following)    
  EDUC 711 Math 3
  EDUC 777 Science 3
  EDUC 743 History 3
  EDUC 712 English 3


To be considered for acceptance to the University to Schools for Graduates pathway, candidates will need to have met all subject matter requirements. Many of these requirements can be satisfied through completing an undergraduate degree in the subject they wish to teach. However, there may be additional course requirements not satisfied by the major or degree; to complete these additional requirements, students are expected to meet with a subject matter advisor for further consultation. See individual subject matter pages ("Be a __ Teacher") for details. 

The MTEL Communication and Literacy Skills test must be passed by the end of the first semester in the graduate program, but is not required for application to the program. The MTEL Subject Matter Test must be passed before enrollment in the practicum. 

Application Timeline

January 15th is the formal deadline for application. However, late applicants will be considered until the cohort is full.

Required Materials

  • Online Application
  • Personal statement
  • Résumé/CV
  • Transcripts
  • GRE is not required
  • 2 Letters of Reference

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For all other questions about this program, contact the program advisor: Carie Ruggiano