180 Days in Springfield M.Ed.

Students in TEACH 180 Days in Springfield prepare for initial licensure for middle or high school and master’s degree in the space of an academic year, while teaching at a school in Springfield, MA. In that time, they receive a thorough education in best practices, support from fellow students, and mentorship from faculty. They graduate with a deep understanding of urban education, an extensive professional network, and excellent job prospects.

The 180 Days Program runs from late August through mid- to late-June (or the last day of school in the Springfield Public School District), essentially, the duration of one complete academic year in the Springfield School District.

The 180 Days program can be broken into 3 parts: graduate studies, field-based experiences, and licensure. The program is academically rigorous, and physically and mentally exhausting. You will be a full-time graduate student and a full-time teaching intern. Let’s think about that for a minute…18 graduate credits per semester and the responsibility of a full-time educator. Do not underestimate the difficulty of accepting this very challenging year. Thankfully, you have support!

You will be guided through a series of progressive field-based experiences that provide you with the opportunity to practice helping students learn with varying levels of responsibility and support. Teaching is a complex and ever changing profession - one size does not fit all! You will encounter countless opportunities to improve your pedagogy under the supervision of experienced educators, as well as graduate coursework that is integrated with classroom experiences.

The 180 Days program has a strong track record in job placement. If you choose to stay in the Springfield Public School District, you will be credited for a year of teaching (starting at step 2 of the salary scale), and if you teach mathematics or science, you will receive an additional signing bonus ($2000 at the time of this publication). Additionally, you will receive a $3,000 stipend from the Springfield School District during clinical teaching, in the spring semester, for your work in the classroom.

The 180 Days program has a strong reputation with school administrators across the state. Completing the program can ensure you an interview in districts familiar with the program.

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Course of Study

Beginning at the end of August, you will work with urban middle or high school students as a micro-teacher or student teacher. By mid-year, as a clinical teacher, you will become part of a middle school team or high school department. Throughout the academic year, you will learn the skills and competencies needed to be a successful teacher, including:

  • Creating an engaging and safe learning environment
  • Culturally relevant pedagogy
  • Planning effective instruction and assessing student learning
  • How to give and receive effective feedback
  • Motivating students
  • Co-teaching and collaborating with colleagues on curriculum

You will also take graduate classes related to your teaching level, participate in seminar discussions about effective and equitable teaching strategies, and develop a community service “legacy project” that supports student leadership.

Course Description Credits
  Fall Semester  
EDUC 715 Secondary School Curriculum 3
EDUC 592SS Microteaching 1
EDUC 511, 512, 514 & 515 Teaching Methods in Mathematics/ English/ Social Studies and History/Science 3
EDUC 503 Sheltered English Immersion: Access to Academics for PK-12 English Language Learners 3
EDUC 500M/S Student Teaching in Middle or High School 6
EDUC 510 Teacher of the Middle and High School Classroom 2
  Spring Semester  
EDUC 693A Adolescent Growth and Development 3
EDUC 657 Introduction to Urban Education 3
EDUC 615G Integrating Technology with Instruction 3
EDUC 698  Practicum: Clinical Teaching 3
EDUC 696W Issues in Clinical Teaching (Clinical Teaching Seminar) 3
EDUC 711, 712, 743 & 777 Advanced Methods in Mathematics/English/Social Studies and History/Science 3

Tk20 Portfolio

In order to receive a teaching license in Massachusetts, student teachers must complete a supervised field experience following Department of Education regulations, and demonstrate work toward mastery of the “Professional Standards for Teachers” and subject matter specific standards. This full practicum provides the opportunity to meet this requirement. 180 Days in Springfield student teachers are expected to meet the standards at a level that is consistent with that of a beginning teacher. This does not mean absolute mastery of the standards, but means that student teachers can provide ample evidence of growth and development in learning to be a teacher in each of the areas. Supervising practitioners and university representatives must agree that student teachers are ready to teach in classrooms on their own. We have designed a portfolio process Tk20 (Teaching kindergarten through grade 20), through which the student teaching experience can be documented and evidence of work on each of the standards can be organized.


Applications to 180 Days in Springfield can be submitted to the Graduate School

Admissions Timeline

January 15th  is the formal deadline for application. However, late applicants will be considered until the cohort is full (maximum of 25 students). Applicants who meet the minimum requirements for admission will be invited to Interview Day. This happens in the first two weeks of March. Interview Day serves as an opportunity for candidates to tour the Springfield schools. 


TEACH 180 Days in Springfield is designed for graduating college seniors, college graduates and second career professionals of any age who:

  • have a record of leadership and achievement
  • have an interest in a career in education
  • would like to teach for a year in an urban middle or high school

Applicants must also have satisfied the appropriate subject matter requirements. Refer to subject matter pages for details.  

Required Materials 

  • Graduate School application 
  • Personal statement that includes your goals as well as your beliefs about teaching and learning
  • Two recommendations – one academic and one highlighting your experience or work with children and adolescents
  • Transcripts
  • Résumé


This programs leads to initial teacher licensure in Massachusetts. Because of reciprocity agreements between states, you may be able to transfer your license to another state. However, the College of Education at UMass Amherst makes no guarantees that this program meets teacher licensure requirements in any state other than Massachusetts. If you are seeking licensure in another state, click on the link below for the program of your choice for more information.  For assistance in determining whether this program will be appropriate for you, send your inquiry to the program contact identified in the program description. Access to your state’s licensing agency is available on the Teacher Licensure Agency Directory.


For questions about the 180 Days in Springfield pathway, or if you would like to make an advising appointment, please contact the Education Advising Center.

For initial inquiries, and to begin the admissions admissions process, please fill out the "Get Started" form.

For all other questions about this program, contact the program advisor: Daryl Essensa