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Program Forms

Program of Study: Completed during the first year of the program and is used to sketch out a general program trajectory.
End of Year Report: Completed at the end of each year and are used to keep track of the accomplishments achieved throughout the year.
Criteria for Meeting Expectations: Used when completing and evaluating the End-of-Year report. 


HSGen Hierarchical Score Generator
IRTEQ Windows application that implements IRT scaling and equating
IRT Software Reference list of software for IRT analyses with descriptions and features
IRT Software - non-commercial Reference list of non-commercial software for IRT analyses
Test Dimensionality Software Reference list of software packages for assessing test dimensionality
MSTGen Simulated data generator for multistage testing
ResidPlots2 Software for IRT graphical residual analysis
SimulCAT Windows application that simulates computerized adaptive test administration
STDIF Program to compute standardization DIF indices (User Guide)
WinGen3 Windows software that generates IRT parameters and responses
SAS Commercial software
SPSS Commercial software
Scientific Software International Commercial software
Lahey Fortran Commercial software

Comprehensive Exams

The purpose of the comprehensive exam (colloquially known as "comps") is to ensure students have sufficient knowledge of the fields of research design, educational statistics, and psychometric methods, to proceed toward candidacy for the Ed.D. degree. Successful completion of the comprehensive exam is an important milestone for Psychometrics students because it indicates mastery of the important knowledge and skills taught in our concentration and that are important for success in the fields of educational research and psychometrics. The revised comprehensive exam consists of a written exam and an oral exam. 

Comprehensive Exam Policies
Comprehensive Exam Content Specifications
Comprehensive Exam Sample Questions
Comprehensive Exam Formula Sheet
Comprehensive Exam Reading List
Comprehensive Exam May 2013 Administration
Comprehensive Exam May 2012 Administration
Comprehensive Exam August 2011 Administration