Student Resources

Graduate Assistantships

Students may obtain research opportunities through the Center for Educational Assessment (grants/contracts) or from research institutions/centers on campus. Being a graduate assistant/research assistant requires a commitment of 20 hours per week and the specific responsibilities vary according to project requirements. Graduate/research assistantships come with a tuition waiver and individual health insurance. The REMP program is able to offer between 12-15 graduate assistantships each year. Students applying to REMP will automatically be considered for graduate assistantships.


The Graduate School and the College of Education offer fellowships that cover tuition, health insurance and provide a stipend. Students applying to REMP will automatically be considered for fellowships.

Diversity Fellowships

REAL Fellowship: Students from underrepresented groups are automatically considered for the Research Enhancement and Leadership Fellowship (REAL). The purpose of this fellowship is to promote diversity among graduate students by providing summer support for full-time graduate students. Details about this fellowship can be found here.

STEM Diversity Fellowship: Students from underrepresented groups are automatically considered for the STEM Diversity Fellowship. The goal of this program is to support the recruitment and retention of talented and promising graduate students from groups that are underrepresented in the disciplines, the professoriate or among recipients of doctoral degrees. This fellowship sustains the academic excellence and inclusiveness of the UMass Amherst graduate student community and the entire campus by promoting greater diversity among our graduate students. Information about this fellowship can be found here.


A number of scholarships are available through the College of Education. Students must apply for College of Education scholarships each year. Scholarship information can be found here.

Funding for Student Travel

Current students who present at national conferences (i.e. NCME, AERA) are often granted travel funds from the College of Education and/or REMP.


Graduate students are required to find their own housing. There are several options on campus and can be found by visiting the UMass Graduate School's Housing Page.

Additionally, there are several apartment complexes conveniently located on the bus route. UMass Off Campus Student Life provides information about housing in the area. Other resources include the classified sections of local newspapers, such as the Daily Hampshire Gazette, the Springfield Republican or the Greenfield Recorder.

University of Massachusetts Anti-Discrimination Statement

The University prohibits unlawful discrimination, harassment (including sexual harassment), and retaliation against anyone based on religion or religious belief, color, race, marital status, veteran or military status, age, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, ethnicity, disability, genetic information, or any other legally protected class, in education, admission, access to or treatment in, its programs, services, benefits, activities, and terms and conditions of employment at the University.