Learning, Media, & Technology

Transform teaching and learning by applying theory and research to practice. Use current and emerging technologies to create new media, design innovative instruction, and build online learning experiences that enrich informal and formal education. 

Educational technology is increasingly at the forefront of educational change. Graduates of this program have gone on to leverage technologies to foster innovative changes in K-12 schools, community colleges, universities, organizations, and corporations through roles such as instructional designers, educational media producers, online learning developers, technology integration specialists, and higher education technology leaders (e.g., a Dean of Teaching, Learning & Instructional Innovations). 

In this program, you will discover how to use technology to educate, inspire, and motivate learners. Through hands-on, project-based learning courses, you will learn how to apply educational technology research, instructional design models, and learning theories to the development of digital tools (e.g., websites, videos, podcasts, 3D models, infographics) and instruction (e.g., lesson plans, online courses, technology-enriched curriculum). You will explore how to use technology to create accessible learning experiences that support ALL learners in gaining new knowledge and skills. 

This flexible, student-centered program offers a personalized pathway to finding a new career in educational technology or changing your current career. You will work with your faculty advisor to develop a program of study that will assist you in achieving your career goals. You will leave the program with a comprehensive digital portfolio of work demonstrating your abilities, experiences, design projects, and philosophy of teaching and learning.

NEW: Fully Online Masters in Education: Learning, Media, and Technology  

Beginning in Summer 2020, you can earn your masters degree in education with a focus on instructional design and technology through the fully online Learning, Media, and Technology program. Contact program coordinator Torrey Trust at torrey@umass.edu to learn more about this opportunity.


The learning, media, and technology master’s program prepares students to understand, critique, design, and improve how technology and media are used in learning and teaching. Our students develop a thorough knowledge of learning and instruction theories, as well as theories of the design and use of educational technologies and media. They also explore the educational uses and design of a variety of technologies (e.g., robotics systems, computational media, 3D printing, social media, multimedia, and open online courses) as related to issues of access and social justice..

Many students in this program go on to earn a Ph.D. in Math, Science, & Learning Technologies.