Bilingual & Dual Language Education Endorsement and Graduate Certificate

The Bilingual and Dual Language Education program is designed for educators who are interested in supporting multilingual learners’ needs in both language and literacy development. This program responds to the implementation of the Massachusetts Act Relative to Language Opportunity for Our Kids (LOOK Bill Act, 2017) and it is aligned with both the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) Subject Matter Knowledge Indicators (SMK) for Bilingual Education and with the National Dual Language Education Teacher Preparation Standards (NDLETPS). The courses are offered completely online with the exception of the 75-hour supervised field experience.

Note: The BDL Education Endorsement does not lead to an initial license. Students who complete the Endorsement track are also eligible for the Graduate Certificate but not vice versa. An initial Massachusetts license is a prerequisite for the Endorsement. 

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Course of Study

To complete the Bilingual and Dual Language Education Program, students have the option to follow either the Endorsement or the Graduate Certificate track. Depending on prerequisite satisfaction and requirement completion, candidates also have the option to earn both the Endorsement and the Graduate Certificate at the same time.

BDL Education Endorsement (15 credits)

Course Number Description Credits
EDUC 749 Multilingualism & Society (online) 3
EDUC 615S Language & Literacy Policy and Planning (online) 3
EDUC 697W Special Topics – Critical Innovations in World & Second Language Curriculum Development (online) 3
EDUC 615L Seminar in Cross-cultural Communication (online) 3
EDUC 698AP Field Experience (in person) 3


  • Bachelor’s Degree

  • Current teaching license in Massachusetts (minimum of an initial license)

Requirements upon completion:

  • Candidates need to satisfy the partner language test requirement by achieving a passing score on the corresponding MTEL, or by passing the Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) and the Writing Proficiency Test (WPT) offered through the American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages.

  • Candidates need to satisfy 75-hours of a supervised field-based experience in a pre-K-12 dual language education, transitional bilingual education program, two-way immersion program, or another bilingual education setting for the EDUC 698AP course. 

BDL Education Certificate (15 credits)

Course Number Description Credits
EDUC 749 Multilingualism & Society (online) 3
EDUC 615S Language & Literacy Policy and Planning (online) 3
EDUC 697W Special Topics – Critical Innovations in World & Second Language Curriculum Development (online) 3
EDUC 615L Seminar in Cross-cultural Communication (online) 3
EDUC 698AP Field Experience (in person) 3
EDUC 687 Language Development and Literacy (online) 3


  • Bachelor’s Degree

Instructions for enrolling in classes on SPIRE

  1. Create a student record. (You should not need to complete this step if you took a course in the previous semester.) Go to On the right-hand menu, under Apply/References click on Non-Degree Enrollment Application and fill out the form there. You will receive an email with your NetID and password within three days.
  2. Create an enrollment appointment. Once you have received your NetID and password you can create an enrollment appointment by logging in to SPIRE with the NetID and password you received. Once logged in, navigate to Main Menu > Enrollment > Summer/Wntr/Non-degr Enroll Appt and follow the instructions. (It can take up to one day for SPIRE to recognize your NetID, so if you do not see these navigation options try the next day.)
  3. Register for classes. The enrollment appointment should be available immediately. Register for the class by logging in to SPIRE ( and navigate to Main Menu > Enrollment > Add Classes.

Questions about how to register? Contact UMass University Without Walls at, 413-545-3653, or 800-922-8211.

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Completing the Program

Once you have registered for your fifth and final course, be sure to complete and return the Certificate Eligibility Form to

Forms are due by the following dates for each degree conferral period:

  • September Conferral: August 12
  • February Conferral: November 26
  • May Conferral: March 20

When completing your Certificate Eligibility Form, be sure to

  • Use your UMass email address on the form
  • Check your mailing address and name on SPIRE (This information will be used for your certificate.) 
  • Mark your degree conferral period based on the date following your final class
    • Students completing their final class in the fall semester should mark February conferral 
    • Students completing their final class in the spring semester should mark May conferral 
    • Students completing their final class in the summer semester should mark September conferral 
  • Use "Teacher Education & Curriculum Studies” for "Department" even if you belong to another department on campus
  • Use "Bilingual and Dual Language Education Graduate Certificate" for "Certificate Program"
  • Leave the final grade blank for any courses still in progress - the Graduate School will fill this information in

    Tuition and Fees

    The University Without Walls (UWW) at UMass Amherst administers registration and payments for the Graduate Certificate. 

    Tuition details

    • Tuition is currently at $474/credit.
    • Tuition for each 3-credit course is $1,422 plus applicable fees.
    • There is also a $47/semester registration fee.

    Contact the Bursars Office at or call 413-545-2368 for questions about tuition, fees, payments, and discounts. 

    Tuition Waivers

    Eligible Massachusetts state employees receive a 50% discount on tuition for UWW courses. For more information on tuition waivers, visit the UWW website or talk to your HR or union representative.  

    Financial Aid

    Financial aid is not available for certificate programs. 

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    Application Timeline: We admit students to the program on a rolling basis. The first course is usually offered during the summer semester. 

    Degree Requirements and Required Application Materials

    To apply to the Certificate Program, you must hold at least a Bachelor’s Degree. Many applicants will have a master’s or doctoral degree. You may enroll in two courses as a non-degree student before you officially apply to the program.

    Application Requirements

    • Application form
    • Personal statement
    • Résumé/CV
    • Transcripts from undergraduate and graduate institutions attended
    • Two letters of reference

    You may submit your materials electronically to or through the online application form. Please let us know if you have any questions about how to submit your materials electronically. 

    Transfer into a Graduate Program in Language, Literacy, and Culture 

    If, after you complete the requirements for the Bilingual and Dual Language Education Endorsement or Graduate Certificate, you may apply to and enroll in the graduate programs in the Language, Literacy, & Culture (LLC) Concentration. You will be able to apply all 15 credits to that program of study. Credits can be transferred directly into the Bilingual, ESL, & Multicultural Education M.Ed. and to the Reading & Writing M.Ed. For more information about these programs, contact or the LLC coordinator Dr. Theresa Austin at