Child Study & Early Education M.Ed.

The child study and early education master’s program gives students a broad overview of the educational and developmental needs of young children in early education, care settings, and with their families. We emphasize the study of the child individually and in groups, and with close attention to the cultural context, in order to develop accurate assessments and effective programming. Students may also focus more specifically on early intervention (infancy to three years), early childhood education (infancy to five years), family services, public policy for children and families, or interdisciplinary work in childhood studies.

Students come to the master program with experience of early childhood in diverse educational settings and many come with substantial international experience as well. This diversity enhances our understanding of early education and care in a broad range of cultural contexts. Masters students often go on to work in non-profit early intervention and educational consultation.

Note: The education specialist degree (Ed.S) is an option for students who would like to pursue an advanced degree beyond a masters, without the dissertation component of the doctorate.

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Course of Study

The core curriculum of the Child Study and Early Education concentration includes five courses in three core areas: Child Development, Early Education, and Research. The program also includes elective courses centered on a specialization reflecting student interests (e.g. Early Childhood Curriculum, Early Development, Intervention, Child Studies).

Course Description Credits
Child Development (2 courses) Requirements met by completing courses such as:  
HUMDEV 660 Theories of Human Development 3
EDUC 673 Advanced Child Development 3
  Or other courses recommended by advisor  
Early Education (2 courses) Requirements met by completing courses such as:  
EDUC 697R Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood Education 3
EDUC 580 Curriculum Models in Early Education  3
  Or other courses recommended by advisor  
Research (1 course) Requirements met by completing courses such as:  
EDUC 773 Research and Theory in Child and Family Studies 3
EDUC 555 Introduction to Statistics 3
  Or other courses recommended by advisor  



Applications to the Child Study and Early Education master's program can be submitted through the Graduate School. 

Application Timeline

The application deadline for fall admission is January 2. Applicants typically receive admissions decisions in early March. 


  • A bachelor's degree in any field
  • Previous experience working with children, can be a practicum experience

Required Materials 

  • Two letters of reference
  • Personal statement
  • Resume/CV
  • Transcripts
  • Online application
  • GRE is not required


Concentration Coordinator: Denise Ives.