Elementary Education

The Collaborative Teacher Education Pathway (CTEP) is an ideal program for prospective teachers who want to quickly earn a master’s degree and license in elementary education.

The 10-month, full-time program blends intensive academic study with carefully supervised field experiences.

There are only 20 students in each year’s Collaborative Teacher Education Pathway cohort. The small group allows for mutual support and close relationships with faculty. Students learn best practices in education from faculty engaged in cutting-edge research. The coursework is rooted in the constructivist theory of knowledge and learning, which sees learning as an active, constructive process, multicultural and social justice education, and engaged problem solving and reflection. Students also complete an immersive urban and suburban/rural practicum, spending three full days in the classroom in the fall and five full days in the spring.

Students in the Collaborative Teacher Education Pathway are often recent college graduates, but many are professionals changing careers. They come to the program with some experience with children in educational environments and demonstrate initiative, excellent interpersonal and communication skills, a passion for learning, and respect for diversity of children and families in public schools.