Community Education and Social Change

The Community Education and Social Change concentration prepares undergraduate students to work and provide educational leadership in community-based organizations through a social justice framework.

Graduates with an education major concentrating in community education and social change will be prepared to apply education principles to inspire social change and lead community organizations to foster growth and development in diverse (e.g. academic, human services) settings. It is primarily for students interested in non-formal education, and meaningful to individuals considering a traditional teaching career.

Students will be exposed to a wide range of theories with respect to teaching and learning, social justice, and leadership – critical knowledge to classroom teachers, as well. We encourage aspiring teachers to consider this concentration with the explicit understanding that, alone, it does not lead to a license to teach.

Students learn the skills needed to translate theories of learning, behavioral change, and organizational development into action. Upon completion of the concentration, students will be prepared to work as educators, leaders, advocates, consultants, managers, and/or program and curriculum developers in a variety of community settings including;

  • Higher Education/Academic Student Support Services;
  • Community organizations, neighborhood associations, and self-help organizations;
  • Humanitarian agencies and philanthropic organizations;
  • Non-profit, health, and faith-based organizations.

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