Michael Krezmien

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Michael Krezmien

Director, Center for Youth Engagement
Special Education

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B.A University of Chicago, 1995
M.A. University of Texas at Austin, 2001
Ph.D University of Maryland, 2007


Dr. Michael Krezmien is the Director of the Center for Youth Engagement, and a professor in Special Education at the College of Education. Dr. Krezmien has been an active researcher in the area of special education, school discipline, juvenile justice, issues affecting children with emotional and behavioral disabilities, and the inclusion of students with disabilities. Dr. Krezmien explores multiple issues that affect children with disabilities and their families, and is interested in research that improves educational equity for children with disabilities. Dr. Krezmien has dedicated most of research and service efforts to supporting children and youth in Holyoke, MA, Springfield, MA, and DYS in MA. He is the founder of the International Symposium and Conference on Inclusion, which brings internationally renowned researchers together (most recently in Wuppertal, Germany) to explore research to improve outcomes for students with disabilities in school, in the home, college, and in the community. Dr. Krezmien has obtained more than $4.5 million in external funding from the National Science Foundations, the JEHT Foundation, OSEP, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He has published more than 25 articles and book chapters, and has presented more than 75 papers at national and international conferences.



Emotional and Behavioral Disorders, Juvenile Justice, Transitions, Mental Health, School Discipline, Social and Educational Inequities Associated with Race and Disability Status, Literacy and Mathematics Education





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