John C. Carey

Professor Emeritus John C. Carey

John C. Carey

Professor Emeritus
Director Emeritus, Center for Counseling Outcome Research & Evaluation
School Counselor Education


B.A., King's College, 1974
M.S., Wisconsin, 1977
Ph.D. 1979
Ph.D. Wyoming 1984


Dr. John Carey has expertise in the development and evaluation of interventions to promote self-direction and engagement of children and youths. He recently served as the Co-PI directing the evaluation component of a large IES-funded cluster randomized trial of the impact of Student Success Skills on students’ school engagement, metacognitive skill development and academic achievement. He is the co-developer of Eccomi Pronto, an early elementary school program to increase students’ self determination skills and school engagement and of the Protective Factors Index, an assessment system that uses teacher ratings to measure students’ social-emotional development. Dr. Carey is very active internationally. He has been a Fulbright Specialist at Christ University (Bangalore) and Korea University (Seoul) where he assisted counseling programs to develop an orientation towards evidence-based practice. In addition, Dr. Carey has recently edited the International Handbook for Policy Research on School-Based Counseling. He is currently leading a 12-nation comparative study of the activities of school-based counselors. Finally, Dr. Carey has extensive experience in program and grant management having served as an Associate Dean, Department Chair, Program Coordinator, Center Director, and Principal Investigator over the past 28 years.


Counselor Education; Physiological Psychology; Cognitive Development and Social Competence.

  • Department of Student Development