Jamila Lyiscott

Assistant Professor of Social Justice Education Jamila Lyiscott

Jamila Lyiscott

Assistant Professor
Co-Founder, Center of Racial Justice and Youth Engaged Research
Social Justice Education

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Jamila Lyiscott a.k.a 'Dr. J' is an Assistant Professor of Social Justice Education. Her community-engaged research focuses on racial equity, youth activism, and the power of hip-hop and spoken word in education.  Jamila is a community-engaged scholar, nationally renowned speaker, and the author of Black Appetite. White Food: Issues of Race, Voice, and Justice Within and Beyond the Classroom. She serves as an Assistant Professor of Social Justice Education at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where she is the founding co-director of the Center of Racial Justice and Youth Engaged Research. She also serves as a co-Editor-in-Chief of the highly reputed Equity & Excellence in Education Journal. Her scholarship and activism work together to explore, assert, and defend the value of Black life throughout and beyond the field of education. Jamila’s current research focuses on the power of youth-led social research and activism to foster liberation and racial healing across schools and communities. Her scholarship has been published in several peer reviewed journals including, Review of Research in Education, Action Research, the Urban Review, and the New Educator, as well as several book chapters. She is most well known for being featured on Ted.com where her video, 3 Ways to Speak English, was viewed over 4.6 million times.


M.A., Hunter College (Black Literature), 2010
Ph.D., Columbia University Teachers College, 2015

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