Ezekiel Kimball

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Ezekiel Kimball

Associate Professor
Associate Director, Center for Student Success Research
Associate Dean, Academic Affairs
Higher Education

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B.A. - University of Southern Maine (2005)
M.S. - University of Southern Maine (2008)
Ph.D. - The Pennsylvania State University (2012)


Dr. Ezekiel Kimball is Associate Dean for Operations and Planning, an Associate Professor of Higher Education, and the Associate Director of the Center for Student Success Research at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. An expert on the postsecondary success trajectories of students with disabilities, his publications have appeared in the Journal of College Student DevelopmentJournal of Diversity in Higher Education, Higher Education: Handbook of Theory and Research, the Journal of Student Affairs Research and Practice, and New Directions in Institutional Research. In recognition of his scholarly achievements, Dr. Kimball has been named an ACPA Emerging Scholar by ACPA: College Educators International, a Family Research Scholar by the Center for Research on Families, and a Public Engagement Fellow by the University of Massachusetts Amherst. 

As an Associate Professor of Higher Education, Dr. Kimball teaches courses related to student development theory; student affairs practice; research design; and qualitative research methods. He also serves as the instructor for a first year seminar course, FYS197 Disability in American Civic Life, that utilizes participatory action research methods to help undergraduate students produce new empirical information about how stigma related to disability shapes postsecondary learning environments. Prior to joining the faculty at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Dr. Kimball worked as an administrator at Curry College, Maine College of Art, and PSL STRIVE / STRIVE U, where much of his work focused on supporting students with disabilities.

In his role as the Associate Director of the Center for Student Success Research, Dr. Kimball leads the Disability in Higher Education Working Group. This group of approximately fifteen faculty members, graduate students, and university administrators produce empirical research related to the postsecondary experiences of students with disabilities. Both Dr. Kimball and other group members regularly present on issues related to disability to local, state, regional, national, and international audiences.


EDUC 601 College Student Development, EDUC 601 Syllabus (PDF)
EDUC 619 Qualitative Research, EDUC 619 Syllabus (PDF)
EDUC 642 Principles & Practices of Student Affairs, EDUC 642 Syllabus (PDF)
EDUC 723 Organizing Higher Education, EDUC 723 Syllabus (PDF)
EDUC 739 Introduction to Inquiry, EDUC 739 Syllabus (PDF)
EDUC 844 History of Higher Education, EDUC 844 Syllabus (PDF)

Curriculum Vitae: 
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