Spring 2021 Technology Resources

Ed Tech and UMass IT are here to help with you this semester. 

Updated EdTech Help Desk Hours - Starting Feb. 1

Contact UMass IT at umass.edu/it. - or it@umass.edu 


UMass IT has created a Technology Resource Hub for teaching, learning, work, and living at UMass.

IT support highlights - 

Windows Virtual Desktop - All members of the University community can apply to have access to a comprehensive windows desktop and app space available virtually.  Students can log in to virtual UMass computers that will allow them access to University licensed software required for classes.

Classroom Specialized software- if you are a faculty member that has a class that requires specialized software, you can work with UMass classroom to create a virtual classroom access. 

College of Education Virtual Kiosks - The College of Education has repurposed our windows computer classroom to act as remote kiosks.  These will allow for 29 simultaneous students to access the computers. These are not to replace the use of the students own computer but to supplement it with access to software they can not use themselves.  Software on these  computers include: Office, Adobe Creative Suite, SPSS, STATA, and NVivo.


NOTE: if you have students that don't have a computer that is adequate for regular browsing and access to cloud products, please let them be aware of the emergency student fund.  

UMass has software that is available for students to download for free onto their computers.  UMASS supported software.

Contact edtech-ithelp@umass.edu if you have further questions.