The New Carney Family Auditorium to open in Fall 2019

The New Carney Family Auditorium to open in Fall 2019

The College of Education community is excited about upcoming renovations to the auditorium in Furcolo, a space that we were unable to include in the initial round of renovations when the former Marks Meadow Elementary School was transformed into space for the College of Education.

“Last year the conversation started on the renovation of the auditorium,” Brian Toohey, Director of Development for the College of Education remarked. “We’re fortunate that when donor Paul Carney walked through the College he reviewed the open space that was the auditorium, and Paul immediately wanted to make use of it.”

Paul Carney, an Isenberg School of Management alum, and director of University of Massachusetts Amherst Foundation has a long history of supporting the College, including endowing a scholarship in honor of his mother, Grace Norton Carney, who spent twenty-three years as an elementary school teacher in Massachusetts. Paul Carney’s generosity has made it possible to begin work on what will be known as the Carney Family Auditorium. The College expects that the auditorium will officially open in fall of 2019.

“Since we’re on the edge of campus, there is a perception that we’re far away... We plan to open up the new auditorium to other UMass colleges to host classes, speaker events, community events, conferences, and the list goes on. There is a lack of auditorium space throughout the University, and this will drive demand to our campus, and in turn showcase the seminal programs we have here, in the College of Education.” - Brian Toohey

Alums from the late-1960’s and early-1970s may remember when classes would be suspended for a week and then-Dean Dwight Allen would hold “marathons” in the auditorium for all to share on the subject of their choice.

The auditorium was also the site of many elementary school student performances over the years, including Gilbert and Sullivan productions in the late-1970s.

The Carney Family Auditorium will allow the College to continue to grow our community through performances, lectures, classes, and other community events.


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