CSSR Receives National Science Foundation Grant to Focus on Girls' Participation in STEM

Ryan Wells,  Ezekiel Kimball, and Chrystal George Mwangi received a grant from the National Science Foundation for their project, "Examining Collective Impact in a Community-University Partnership to Broaden Girls’ Participation in Science from Middle School to High School Graduation." This grant will focus on a collaborative infrastructure to identify effective communication practices and organizational structures that can be replicated to promote student recruitment, retention, and success in STEM during key transition periods in development. Our proposed project will shed light on a multi-organization research-practitioner collaboration in Western Massachusetts between an informal learning community organization with a large public research university; local schools; STEM internship organizations; local colleges; participating adolescents and their families; and Girls Inc. National that collectively work on a program called “Eureka.” Eureka has successfully enhanced girls’ engagement and success in science as they transition from middle school to high school and beyond in economically underserved communities.