Continuous Enrollment Information

As a reminder, registration for the Spring 2021 semester is underway.  All students are required to register each semester until their degree/certificate is awarded.  Please note that a full or half-time status does not constitute registration for the semester nor will an incomplete grade from a previous semester maintain your enrollment.  If you are not enrolling for any courses or credits, you need to enroll for the Continuous Enrollment course, GRADSCH 999, also known as the Program Fee.  The class number for this course is 76821.  

Note: For students who register for fewer than 5 credits or pay the Continuous Enrollment fee, health insurance is not automatic. You will need to contact University Health Services (413-577-5192) for coverage information.

The last day to register for the Spring semester will be Friday, February 12.  Anyone who does not enroll by that time will be routinely withdrawn from the Graduate School and will not be eligible to receive any stipend or student benefits.  Any student who wishes to enroll after that date will need to be formally readmitted by their department and by the Graduate Dean.  A Readmission Fee of $125 must accompany any request for readmission.  Readmission is not automatic and cannot be assured. 

Classes will start on Monday, February 1, 2021.

The Graduate School website,, has more information about registration and other administrative requirements for the semester.