Apply by January 22 for CIE Travel/Professional Grants

The Center for International Education (CIE) will award up to 4 travel/professional grants of up to $500 each to students presenting their work at an academic conference and for other professional development activities this spring. Decisions about the grants/award will be made by a selection committee chaired by the Director, Ian Barron. 

CIE Travel Grant / Professional Grant Criteria

Funds will be awarded for expenses related to presenting at the conferences or participating in other professional development opportunities which contribute to the field of international education.

To qualify for an assistance, the applicant must meet the following criteria:

·         The conference presentation or professional development activity must focus on international education or international development

·         Be a current student in good standing in the College of Education 

·         Be on the official program presenting work that is related to your graduate program in the College of Education (priority will be given to first authored presentations) 

·         Evidence of having applied to other UMass sources will be viewed favorably 

Other Considerations:  

·         If you have received partial funding for CIES/other conference travel, you may be eligible to receive 

·         funds from CIE to bring your total award to $500. In exceptional or unusual circumstances, funds may be made for attendance without being on the program. (Additional documentation required) 

·         Successful recipients shall be willing to present within CIE seminars (after the conference/professional development opportunity) 

Use of Funds for CIE travel grants: 

Grant funds may be used only to reimburse the costs of registration, visas, transportation, and lodging expenses. Meals, copying, and other incidentals are not reimbursable.  Costs will be reimbursed based on receipts for allowable expenses up to a total of $500. 

Use of Funds for CIE professional development grants:

Grants may be used to develop knowledge and skills of self/others related to applied international research and development, e.g. organizing training, workshop, seminar, brown bag, online course,  etc. Costs will be reimbursed based on receipts up to a total of $500 and marking will include CIE sponsorship.

Directions to the Student 

Once you have received verification from the organizers of acceptance to present your work, submit the completed application by email or in hard copy (including the confirmation from the conference organizers) to .  

APPLICATION DEADLINE:  Friday, January 22, 2021 

Required Application Contents-submit to CIE office in Montague or email to

·         Application Form – attached

·         Letter of invitation to present or other evidence of being on the program 

If you have questions, please contact Barbara (413-545-4176) 

All awards are contingent upon the availability of funding.