2018 Scholarship Celebration

UMass Amherst College of Education Scholarship Celebration 2018


The College of Education held our annual scholarship celebration on October 4, 2018 in the Campus Center. This year students recipients of twenty-eight scholarships were awarded in excess of $60,000 for their studies. The recipients of fellowships sponsored by the Graduate School, and the Center for International Education were also acknowledged. The celebration included remarks by Dean Cynthia Gerstl-Pepin, three student speakers, and Paul Carney who represented the donors who show their support of the College community through their contributions to student scholarships.

In addition to scholarship recipients, many faculty, staff, and students joined the celebration. One of the highlights of the scholarship event is that students are able to meet the donors who support their studies, and the donors are able to meet the scholarship recipients. This year we were pleased to welcome Paul Carney and family who have established the Grace Norton Carney Scholarship; Phil Katz and his family, representing the Betty Katz Memorial Scholarship in Early Childhood Education; Tim Farmer and Jeff Momot who support the Anne Farmer Momot Scholarship; Kay Clark for the Richard J. Clark Memorial Scholarship for Teacher Education; and professors emeritae Sonia Nieto and Marsha Rudman in whose honor the Nieto/Rudman Endowed Scholarship is named.

“Thank you to the Momot family for helping me get closer to my goal, and for giving me the chance to learn,” remarked Morganne Gallagher, a double major in Special Education and Psychology and recipient of the Anne Farmer Momot Scholarship. “This scholarship inspired me to follow my dreams and gave me the courage to quit [my summer job] as an administrative assistant and work at the extended school year program for children with disabilities. This will give me more experience in my field, and allow me to spend my summer days working with kids.”

The three student speakers, chosen to represent all of the scholarship recipients, spoke of their personal and academic journeys, and how receiving a scholarship has positively impacted their lives.

The Recipients from our Scholarships and Awards 2018 Celebration as follows:

Janice Camby Endowed Scholarship

Stephanie Dasilva - TECS

Grace Norton Carney Scholarship

Nicolas Blaisdell - TECS

Christina Furtado - TECS

Rachel Ravelli - TECS

Richard J. Clark Memorial Scholarship for Teacher Education

Gina Chesmore - TECS

Early Childhood Education Graduate Fund

Eunjin Cho - TECS

Mariya Ivanova - TECS

Dr. Doren D. Fredrickson Graduate Student Scholarship

Edher Lubin - SD

Emily Zehngut - SD

Marilyn C. Haley College of Education Scholarship

Steven Cowley - TECS

Meline Kasparian Endowed Fund

Jack Danberg - TECS

Christopher San Linn Oo - TECS

Alessandra Scripa - TECS

Betty Katz Memorial Scholarship in Early Childhood Education

Megan Cusack - TECS

Sabrina Frahlich - TECS

Joseph W. Keilty Memorial Scholarship

Nangyalai Attal - EPRA

Alicia Gonzales - TECS

Ashley Thoma - SD

Jerome and Florence McCormick Doctoral Award

Genia Bettencourt - EPRA

Anne Farmer Momot Scholarship

Morganne Gallagher - SD

Sage Geddes - SD

Nieto/Rudman Endowed Scholarship

Hengyi Liu - TECS

Ambassador Cynthia Shepard Perry Award

Shamo Thar - EPRA

Helen Eaton Timson Scholarship

Ashley Carpenter - EPRA

C. Lynn Vendien Scholarship Endowment Fund

Rosa Medina Riveros - TECS

C. Lynn Vendien Professional Prize Award Endowment Fund

Samantha Osborne - TECS

Mary Margaret Whittaker-Webster Memorial Endowment Fund

Christine Ryan - SD

Cynthia Shuttleton - SD

College of Education Graduate School Fellowships

Kelsey Gordon - SD

Grace Niyanthini Kadirgamar - EPRA

Rinchin Khar - TECS

Melody Rivera - TECS

Zachary Santana - SD

Siyu Wan - EPRA

Center for International Education Endowed Fellowship

Pempho Chinkondenji - EPRA

STEM Diversity Fellowship

Kimberly McIntee - EPRA


EPRA - Educational Policy, Research, and Administration

SD - Student Development

TECS - Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies