Each year the Massachusetts Art Education Association (MAEA) recognizes individuals who have made a significant contribution to the field of Art Education in Massachusetts. Lora McNeece Barrett, Ed.D. '93, M.Ed. '87, has been chosen recipient of the Higher Education Art Educator of the Year for 2020.

Pempho Chinkondenji, a Ph.D. candidate in Educational Policy and Leadership, has been awarded an American Association of University Women (AAUW) International Fellowship. 

Sally Campbell Galman presented a work in progress paper at the Oxford Ethnography and Education Conference and led a workshop entitled, "Comics and ethnography: Using drawings in ethnographic storytelling, data gathering and analyses."

Department Chair of Teacher Education & Curriculum Studies, Florence Sullivan, and Paul Keith recently published an article with the goal of developing methods for assisting in the micro genetic analysis of speech data.

Jennifer Randall, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Marina Donnelly, Ph.D. candidate in the School Psychology program, and Joseph A. Rios, recently published an article examining educational measurement graduate programs and their availability to underrepresented ethnic minorities.

Christina Bosch, Ph.D. candidate in Special Education, has been busy while in Chile on a Fulbright. Recently, Bosch served on a panel discussing the "Criminalization of students and militarization of education in Chile, United States and Brazil" at the Angra dos Reis Institute of Education. 

In the last week of August, the College of Education welcomed incoming graduate students for a day of building community, sharing resources, and celebrating the start of another academic year. Thanks to everyone who helped to make the event such a success!

Dr. Jamila Lyiscott, Assistant Professor of Social Justice Education, has been awarded the Coyle Fellowship with the University of Notre Dame’s Center for Literacy Education (CLE).

Jacole Douglas, Ph.D. candidate in Education Policy, Research and Administration, and Brook Hansel, member of the UMass Education Club and prospective 180 Days student, are 2019-2020 Fulbright recipients. 

Dr. Steve Sireci and the Center for Educational Assessment (CEA) have obtained a four year, 1.643 million dollar award with the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s Office to continue, "Developing and Validating Assessments for Adult Basic Education Learners in Massachusetts."