Giving Opportunities

Your support enables the College of Education to prepare leaders who will improve education through their professional practice and research both locally and globally. Thank you!

Non-Endowed Funds

College of Education Priorities Fund

Supports the general needs of the College.

College of Education Student Emergency Fund

Directly impact the lives of students facing unexpected hardships.

Dean's Scholarship and Fellowship Fund

Supports students in need

Endowed Scholarships

Early Childhood Education Scholarship

Financial support for graduate students studying young children and their families, with preference given to the study of the needs of the gifted and talented. To provide opportunities for graduate students to enhance their academic experience and become involved in outreach.

Grace Norton Carney Scholarship

Funding for tuition, fees, and some associated costs for students pursuing graduate degrees in the College of Education at the University of Massachusetts Amherst with the intent to teach. Students must hold an undergraduate degree from UMass Amherst, Framingham State College, or Bridgewater State College with preference given to graduates of Waltham High School.

Janice Camby Scholarship

Offers financial support for students accepted or enrolled in a teacher preparation program in the College of Education. Students must be from economically disadvantaged areas and in good academic standing.

Nieto/Rudman Endowed Scholarship Initiative

Honors two of the school’s beloved Emeriti faculty: Sonia Nieto and Masha Rudman.

Richard J. Clark Memorial Scholarship for Teacher Education

Provides financial support to a student in the Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies department within the College of Education.  A GPA of 3.3 or better is required, as well as experience with community service, internships, employment that demonstrates a commitment to excellence and equity.  

Marylin C. Haley College of Education Award

Provides support to students who are attending or who would like to attend the University of Massachusetts Amherst and who have exhibited a desire to become public school teachers.  Applicants must be accepted or currently enrolled in a teacher preparation program.

Meline Kasparian Scholarship

Financial support for students who are accepted or currently enrolled in a teacher preparation program and have exhibited a desire to become public school teachers. 

Joseph W. Keilty Memorial Scholarship

Funding for graduate students formally admitted as degree candidates. Students with a demonstrated financial need, high academic performance, and exceptional promise are encouraged to apply.

Jerome and Florence McCormick Doctoral Award

This award will provide support to doctoral students in their dissertation-writing year in the College of Education. Students from any doctoral program in the College are eligible for the scholarship, with the selection based on merit. The Dean of the College of Education or designee will administer the Fund.

Anne Farmer Momot Scholarship

Provides support to a graduate student majoring in Special Education. Particular consideration will be given to candidates who demonstrate warmth, patience, and dedicated support for students.

Helen Timson Scholarship

Provides scholarship support to a deserving student in a College of Education program.

C. Lynn Vendien Scholarship

Provides scholarship support to graduate students from foreign countries.  Preference will be given to students who are affiliated with Physical Education Teacher Education in the Department of Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies.

Mary Margaret Whittaker-Webster Memorial Scholarship

Provides financial support to graduate students in the School Psychology Program for expenses and programs for which other sources of funding are not available, such as research travel expenses, travel to attend regional or national education or psychology meetings, software, research texts, journals.

Departments and Centers

Department of Educational Policy, Research & Administration

Promotes the development of sound educational policy; higher education and international contexts; and advances educational research and evaluation methods

Department of Student Development

Promotes more effective and equitable public education through research on the learning and development of students in formal educational settings.

Department of Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies

Improves public education through research that furthers the understanding of teacher education, curriculum development, teaching and learning.

Center for Educational Policy

Provides research expertise to develop, recommend, and evaluate educational policies and programs and provides a forum for faculty and students to engage in discussions of important issues in education.

Center for Educational Assessment

Applies the College's nationally recognized strengths in psychometric theory, assessment, and educational statistics to the solution of critical problems in education.

Center for International Education

Pursues grants and contracts for research and project implementation in primarily international context, but also in the US.

Center of Racial Justice and Youth Engaged Research

Integrates youth voices and racial equity across all educational disciplines through research, service, and technical assistance.

Center for School Counseling Outcomes Research and Evaluation

Dedicated to improving the practice of School Counseling by developing the research base that is necessary for responsible and effective practice.

Center for Youth Engagement

An interdisciplinary effort dedicated to the advancement of successful school and post-school outcomes for underserved and at-risk youth.