David R. Evans Named Honorary Fellow of Comparative and International Education Society

David R. Evans, director of the University of Massachusetts Amherst College of Education’s Center for International Education, and professor, Department of Educational Policy, Research and Administration, was named an Honorary Fellow of the Comparative and International Education Society (CIES) in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the field of comparative and international education.

Evans has been affiliated with the Center for International Education for more than 45 years during which time he has been directly involved in the design and management of education projects in Latin America, Asia and Africa. For the past decade, he has been involved in or managed projects that focus on improving education systems in Afghanistan and strengthening the capacity of that country’s Ministry of Education.

In a letter announcing the award, Gilbert A. Valverde, CIES President, noted, “life-long service through teaching, mentoring, consulting, and publishing for over 50 years and service to multiple agencies, including UNESCO, UNDP, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, USAID, ISIS, and Peace Corps,” as factors contributing to Evans’ nomination for the award.

“The number of countries in which you have served is awe inspiring,” said Valverde. “And while completing all of this important work, you still found time to author or co-author over 45 publications, papers, reports, and conference papers. Having chaired 80 completed doctoral dissertation committees and serving on approximately 240 master’s committees, your contribution to future comparativists is one not to be rivaled. Your students have gone on to serve as ambassadors of the United States and other nations.”

Valverde stated that Evans’ nomination was supported by distinguished scholars, many with extended commentaries on the nature and significance of his contributions to the field and his 45 years of active participation and service to CIES. “The CIES Honorary Fellows Award is indeed a unique distinction that reflects not only your intellectual contributions and leadership, but also the high esteem in which you are held by your professional colleagues,” Valverde said.

Evans received the Honorary Fellows Award on March 14 during the CIES 2014 Annual Conference in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Founded in 1956 as the first comparative education society in the world, the Comparative and International Education Society is a scholarly association dedicated to increasing the understanding of educational issues, trends and policies through comparative, cross-cultural and international perspectives. Its nearly 2,500 members use different conceptual frameworks to explore topics related to education. These include a focus on schools, students, teachers and administrators, and on issues spanning early childhood and basic education to secondary and higher education, as well as non-formal education and life-long learning.


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