Ives receives 2015 College Outstanding Teaching Award

Denise Ives, assistant professor, Department of Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies, received the 2015 College Outstanding Teaching Award. This award honors individual faculty members for teaching accomplishments within their own colleges.

Excerpts from letters nominating Ives for the award include the following:

Dr. Ives is an incredibly knowledgeable, effective, and caring teacher, mentor and advisor. She has demonstrated in many ways her sincere involvement in building a sense of community among students and faculty in the College of Education at UMass. It is evident that she is deeply passionate about the university, its mission and the potential for change through education.

Dr. Ives modeled the ongoing learning that a good teacher is always doing: she was up-front in sharing what she saw as successful in our class, as well as what parts of the class she wanted to rethink or rework. Her thoughtful, timely feedback on individual written work was one of the most important elements of the class for me. In response to my papers, she asked me tough questions that helped my thinking evolve. Most importantly, she was fully present and authentic with her students.

Dr. Ives has been and continues to be a constant lighthouse for me in navigating academic waters.

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